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ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Nigerians Lament Hike in Fuel price

Hike in Fuel price
Hike in Fuel price

Several citizens have continued to question the rationale behind certain regulations, agendas and plans of the Federal Government towards our collective growth as a nation.

The past few days have indeed been one hell of a rollercoaster of emotions and mixed feelings as Nigerians all over lamented and aired their opinions on the recent increments in various aspects of utilities and basic amenities ranging from electricity tariffs to removal of subsidies from petroleum products, leading to a hike in fuel price.

Below are some of such opinions:
-This leadership, clearly do not have an idea of what they want to do or what’s best for this country, they cannot keep tossing the expectant populace to and fro without expecting a backlash.

-Indeed the time has come for us to change the change we thought would bring about a change.

-The greatest mistake Nigerians made, was to elect a past failure and expect him to provide a positive result.

-The fuel subsidy was inevitable though, but it beats my imagination how a sane government will decide to make such a declaration at these difficult times. Why not wait for the economy to be stabilized especially now that majority of countries all over the world are gradually recovering from the damage caused by the corona virus pandemic.

-The corrupt nature of our leaders, and those in political offices and ministries, has finally come back to haunt us. We cannot escape from the selfish, deceptive, and self-centered policies of the government of the day, which however, dates back to many years ago.

– The clueless decisions of our leaders, and the naive ignorance of the people who pledged support or voted them into power, are the reason why we are where we are today.

Many though, believe corruption led us to the point we are now as a people and that only a genuine fight against corruption will salvage the situation on ground.

Many years ago, the great Afro beat legend, musician and freedom fighter, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, sang the song, ”Original suffer Head” as well as another which he titled, ”Suffering and Smiling”. In these songs, as well as many of his numerous albums and hit songs, while addressing the problems of Nigeria, he said we have learnt how to celebrate the mediocrity of our leaders, the oppression of the government and the impunity of corruption.

Another school of thought, who are of the opinion that perhaps the military era was dictatorial and instilled fear, begged to differ, they stated that that the fear in the minds of Nigerians, is something already instilled in us.
We are in a democratic regime so why can’t we express our opinions? What is stopping us from insisting on our rights generally as Africans and particularly as Nigerians?

Some Nigerians in Diaspora claimed that we as a people can only talk a little, and complain of certain governmental policies that aren’t favourable to the development, or growth of the economy, or general opinion of the masses. We however, after a period of time, keep quiet about such regulations, and go about our daily lives.

We adjust to the situation and go on with our lives like nothing happened and thus, begin to live a life of suffering amidst aplenty, which is mismanaged for selfish interest.

Hike in Fuel price: Time has come to stand up for our rights

In the opinion of some, the time has genuinely come for us to stand up for our rights, like the legendary reggae artist Bob Marley would say. The time has come for our leaders to be held responsible for their use and abuse of power. The time has come for us as a people, to demand proper accountability for the communal wealth and resources entrusted to our leaders.

-Just like a petty market trader admitted, our mumu don reach…You nor go beat small pikin make you nor expect am to cry…


Gift Joseph Okpakorese

Staff writer



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