Home Entertainment BBNaija 2020: Erica Sent Packing, Full Story

BBNaija 2020: Erica Sent Packing, Full Story

BBNaija 2020: Erica Sent Packing
BBNaija 2020: Erica Sent Packing

One of the most popular, housemates in the ongoing BBNaija 2020 show yesterday fell by the way side unceremoniously.

Erica, who is perceived to be very great, a queen, model, pretty faced, lovely, and epitome of grace and beauty, amongst the housemates of the Big Brother Naija Season Five lockdown edition has fallen from grace to grass, as she was disqualified and sent packing yesterday after breaking and infringing on a number of Big Brother’s house rules.

It is important to note however that, it’s not the fact that she’s been sent packing that wonders or baffles her fans and viewers generally, but rather, the dramatic scenarios she created, the events that unfolded and transpired before it, and the way and manner she reacted and handled the situation, which eventually led to her disqualification by Big Brother.

For the benefit of numerous fans of the reality show, its necessary to unfold the genesis of this story. There had been a feeling of love and affection from Laycon towards Erica right from the inception of this season’s show but Erica, was only attracted to Laycon’s mental capabilities, and not his physical looks, and she had constantly made this feeling of hers known, even though Laycon kept trying.

Erica insisted her emotions and affections were channelled towards Kiddwaya her love interest in the house.

All hell was eventually let lose few days ago during the just concluded Saturday night party when Erica went to meet Laycon during the party and told him that he can never be her friend in this life and that she hated him.

As if that was not enough, and perhaps after having to much to drink at the same party, she decided to pour out all her anger, hate and frustrations on Laycon.

There was no stopping Erica. Her mind was made up, and perhaps, with a little help from the alcohol she took, as she vented all forms of verbal abuse and even derogatory comments and degrading remarks on Laycon, calling him an idiot, a spineless chicken wing with no flesh, skinny, a mopstick, and a very very ugly and irritating thing.

She went further to say that Laycon is one who wouldn’t have been noticed by viewers or anyone in the house, if not for her, and one whom she is not, and can never be attracted to in this life. She continued, saying, that, he’s one whose level is not as same with hers, one whom she will beat up or make kill himself or kill by herself and would surely make him pay within or outside the house for using her to trend.

While Erica cursed and abused the living daylight out of Laycon, he didn’t utter a single word of response to the amazement of viewers and housemates. His maturity was so amazing that even some fans of Erica and viewers commenting on the show applauded him.

Funnily enough, when asked by house mates and later by Big Brother during his diary sessions how come he was so quiet, Laycon said he was trying not to utter any word or reply her, in order to perhaps calm and stop her from getting more angry, so as not to do anything crazy or stupid, to earn her a third and final strike, that could lead to her disqualification.

All efforts to restrain Erica and calm her down proved abortive, and fell on deaf ears. In fact, she turned on her lover Kiddwaya, and Prince the deputy head of house, accusing them of not being on her side.

She deprived Prince access to the executive head of house lounge, and poured water on the bed space meant for Prince, and banged the windows, calling out the cameras and production crew of Big Brother, as well as stating that she didn’t really care anymore even if she were to be disqualified.

The above scenarios eventually led to her disqualification after Biggie carefully explained to her all the house rules and grave infringements she broke.

Meanwhile Neo and Vee who also had their own episode that same night, were each issued a stern warning, from Big Brother.

Gift Joseph Okpakorese

Staff Writer

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