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#ENDSARS and the Re-appearance of the Monstrous Tyranny


When I wrote my piece in July of 2020 on “Nigeria and the Struggle for Qualitative Leadership. ” It was beyond my imagination that my predictions about the changing culture of our diverse polity and the role of the younger generation -will manifest so soon.

In that article, I reminded my audience that, “There is a new crop of leaders who are mundanely emanating from various regions of our country, who are politically changing the landscape. These young generations of activists are decoding the codified tribalism which runs in the veins of most Nigerians; through interfaith and inter-tribal marriages. There is a clear value of common cause supported by uncommon valor against the common enemy of -bad governance. These rising crops are showing the will to restore a sense of national purpose that unites us, rather than divide us.”

The protests that have engulfed Nigeria in the past several weeks is a clear indication that the patience of these young adults have expired and they are no longer speaking from the closet.

What started as a demonstration against police brutality has now transcended into a full blown demand for good governance in Nigeria. The social and economic inequality in Nigeria is nothing new to the whole world. The inherent rights of many Nigerians have been trampled on by successive governments-both by the military and civilian regime.

The courage which our younger generation are showing under fire-speaks volume, and our so-called leaders should bury their faces in shame for their heartless approach to the cry of the poor masses.

In the absence of any realistic solution to the demand of these young lads, and as it is always the case in Africa, where bloodthirsty and evil men are at the helms of power-the Nigerian government unleashed the military on innocent civilians who are only guilty of exercising their fundamental human rights of free assembly.

While the Boko Haram insurgents keep gaining grounds in the real battlefield-our soldiers have retreated to our inner cities to kill the citizens that they claim to protect, which seems to be out of frustration for their inefficiency in fighting the real enemy.

My thoughts and prayers remain with the innocent souls who were killed in this resilient march for justice, and while I keep praying for the “Jerry Rawlings option” -I beckon on well meaning Nigerians to condemn the atrocious acts being meted to our brothers and sisters back home. Because, silence is the worst enemy of democracy.

Many thanks to Davido, Flavour, Wizkid, Phyno, PSquare and the numerous superstars that have supported this initiative both financially and otherwise. You are the voice of the voiceless.

A fool at 40 is a fool forever. May God have mercy on Nigeria at 60.

Ike Agbatekwe
Editor @ Large
Life and Times News
Los Angeles, California



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