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COVID-19 News: Nigerians React As FG Changes Curfew

COVID-19 News
COVID-19 News

The PTF, following following the lifting of the COVID-19 lockdown occasioned by the pandemic, had on May 4, 2020, imposed a nationwide curfew from 6pm to 8am. It then reviewed the timing to between 10pm to 4am on June 1, 2020. It has now changed it from to 12 am to 4am.

The Federal Government says the nationwide curfew was meant to restrict movement amidst the corona virus pandemic.

The National Coordinator of the presidential taskforce on COVID-19, Dr Sani Aliyu, made this know recently during a briefing at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Abuja.

In his statement the National Coordinator stated that ”I will first of all start with general movement. We are modifying the curfew to commence from 12 midnight to 4am nationwide, effective from 12:00 tonight.”

He continued…” This does not apply to people on essential duties services and international travellers that might be returning from abroad.”

This recent announcement by the Federal Government has provoked a lot of reactions and comments from Nigerians within and outside the country, all over social media platforms. Here are some of their views, and opinions below;

– Hmmm… so was there still a curfew up
until now?

– Should we be lauding this or applauding the FG ?

– What about those of us that are religious and go for all night programs?

-What’s the difference between this change in curfew times, can it be removed completely?

– Are they doing all these because of fear of a possible protest or riots lol..?

-Nigerian police won’t be happy with this development at all.

-Free up everything, everywhere, and everyone because COVID is here to stay.

-Better jare. No more attacks and arrest by policemen mounting road blocks by 10pm and extorting money from Nigerians all in the name of curfew.

-Wow we are finally free to hangout and enjoy our weekends and nightlife again without fear of harassment or disturbances.

-Hmmmm indeed welcome to a country treating COVID-19 as a security challenge.

-So it is only between the duration of this stipulated curfew time that COVID-19 moves around and can be spread around or contracted ?.

Others whose business operations involved night lives could not also help but to join in the remarks and comments.

-Hotel managers and supervisors lamented the lack of customers and patronage, as most individuals where scared, especially at the initial emergence of the pandemic and the strict curfew regulations put in place back then, by the FG.

-Our club houses could be open for much longer time and hours at least.

-Interesting I can catch a movie in cinemas that is if they will be opened after all.

-An Uber driver who has been wondering how one can ever keep up with Lagos traffic, stated that, sometimes traffic alone within Lagos, gets really crazy and most times he get home late with some police harassment, on the way and that this, will give some respite to his job and all cab drivers within the country.

-Some sex hawkers and one night stand traders,who decided to stay anonymous obviously, complained how hard they’ve been hit by this pandemic, and the difficulty in getting customers or plying their trade, and the joy this new curfew declaration brings to them.

in all of the above comments and reactions it is pertinent to note that everyone was speaking from their own individual perspective, and how they were affected by this whole pandemic or its regulations.

Some persons are of the opinion that while being critical of the Federal Government regulations and policies, we are to see also the slight advantages in all of these. Night robbery is far more than daylight robbery, and far more under-reported. Bandits, kidnappers and herdsmen move around mostly at night, knowing that, this is when security forces and personnel are at their weakest. Unlike during the day when their sense of vigilance and strength is at its highest. so it might somewhat be a precautionary security measure employed by the Federal Government in the long run.


Gift Joseph Okpakorese.
Staff Writer
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