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BBNaija News: I’m Seriously Eager And Waiting To Have Sex With Neo – Vee

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It is no longer news or a thing of surprise or shock amongst viewers of the popular annual Nigerian reality TV show, Big Brother Naija, to witness romantic relationships bromances, bonding sex scenes flirting etc. In fact most viewers become highly disappointed if they are not treated to such intrigues, emotional traumas, heartbreaks, confrontations and dramas.

This year’s season five Lockdown, is not without its own share of bonds and relationships, especially as it started immediately the show started.

Viewers had seen and witnessed the bonds between Eric and Lilo, who were the first to spell out and mark their territory in the house. Also other relationships between Erica and Kiddwaya, between Ozo and Nengi, between Prince and Tolanibaj, between Wathoni and Bright and finally between Vee and Neo.

All of the above relationships have not been without their confrontations, infighting and quarreling, especially as they’ve all been in one confined space.

There is also the angle of those who are in the middle of other people’s relationships, or referred to as a third party, and funnily enough, Dorathy becomes the culprit or rather object of interest, as she’s seen in the midst of Ozo and Nengi as well as in the just evicted pair of Wathoni and Brighto.

With all that said, most viewers, and even some fellow housemates, hold on to the belief and notion that, in all of the relationships mentioned above, Vee and Neo’s relationship seems the most genuine and authentic.

Trickytee in one of his diary sessions, when asked by Big Brother whose relationship he thinks is genuine, answered and analyzed this in relation to other relationships in the house, when he said that it feels so good to love someone who loves you back mutually; and that what Neo and Vee feel and have for each other is genuine and reciprocal, without any form of individual hidden agenda or motive.

The above opinion of Trikytee, which is also shared by fellow housemates, was made vivid and lucid on the day Vee marked her special day. Neo went all out and spent almost all his dime within the context of the show to give Vee a surprise treat on her birthday party with all housemate in on the surprise plans. Vee could hardly hold back her tears as Neo openly proposed his love for her with a warm birthday wish.

All the above show of love and affections eventually got to Vee who perhaps, seeing the depth of love and sacrifices Neo has lavished upon her, now wants everything and all of Neo to herself.

Recently she had confirmed her feeling of deep love and affections for Neo with her buddy in the house Laycon, and told him that she couldn’t wait to have sex with Neo. Laycon who happened to be one of the most intelligent housemate of this season, listened carefully as Vee poured out her sexual eagerness and emotional feelings for Neo.

Vee, who confirmed that she truly loved Neo, said in her own words, that Neo had all the attributes that she needs in a man. She went further to say that she is eager to have sex with her lover, Neo.

Vee had stirred speculations days ago after she complained of missing her period. This got lots of viewers tongues wagging and speculating if she had been secretly having sex with Neo, and that the results of their secret had finally been laid bare with the speculation that she Vee, might have gotten pregnant.

However, her recent conversation with Laycon and Lucy on Thursday night confirmed they have not had sex

Vee told Laycon that she cannot wait to have sex with Neo.

She said this after Laycon asked her if she would have sex with anyone in the house.

“Neo is the first person I will have sex with when I leave the house.

“I didn’t imagine I was getting this far, but I cannot wait to have sex with him,” she said.

Gift Joseph Okpakorese
Staff Writer
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