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I Contracted COVID-19 From Rudeboy, Passed It To My Wife ― Jude Okoye

Jude Okoye, Rude boy
Jude Okoye, Rude boy

Adebiyi Ashimedua, Within Nigeria

Music executive, Jude Okoye who recently defeated coronavirus after infecting his wife, Ify, has revealed how he contracted it.

Earlier on, his wife shared a video on her Instagram account showing that she has been placed on oxygen after contracting Coronavirus.

The former beauty queen captioned the video, “Surviving COVID”.

In an exclusive chat with The PUNCH via the telephone, her husband, Jude, revealed that she contracted the virus from him despite all the preventive measures he put in place.

He further allayed the fears of his friends and fans as he stated that his wife was faring well.

“My wife is responding to treatment but I will not really say treatment because COVID does not have a cure. She is responding to the symptom she is getting. We got it about the same time; I got it and she got it from me. It was just a day gap before she got it from me.

“She is self-isolating at home. Everybody is fine including the kids; it is just that for my wife, she has recovered but she is having this post-recovery symptom. That is what is going on. Everybody is fine even though everybody in my family got it. Me, my wife, kids, nanny, everybody contracted the virus.”

Jude said that he believed that he caught the virus from his popular singing brother, Paul Okoye, fondly referred to as Rudeboy.

He further emphasized that he tried his best not to contract the virus but ‘it takes only one person to infect the whole family.”

“There is nothing I did not do in order not to contract the virus; I did social distancing, I stopped going out, I had hand sanitisers everywhere and I was wearing a face mask. But the fact that you have a cook that would go to the market and return, it takes just one person to bring it and pass it to the whole family. Just do your best because at the end of the day what will happen will happen.

“I believe I got the virus from Rudeboy because we normally sit together most times and he is the one that goes out for promotions. Somehow, I believe that I got it from him because I do not go out.”

Stating how the symptoms began, the music executive stated that he began feeling aches all over his body about the same time his brother also fell ill.

Jude said, “One weekend, I woke up feeling bad with aches and pains everywhere. I thought it was my AC that was too much but my wife got a call from Rudeboy. He asked if our doctor could come around to his place because he was having malaria. He was advised to have a COVID test because both of us could not fall ill at the same time. The doctor came and did a test and it was positive.

He continued, “I isolated myself for about two days and after that, my wife started complaining. I called the same doctor to test everybody in the house and everyone was confirmed positive. The funny part of the whole thing is that apart from me, my wife and one of the nannies, everyone was feeling fine. Nobody was complaining, especially the kids because they were very active. They did not show any symptoms; they were active and agile.”

Now he has been certified negative by his doctors. “The doctor has certified me negative but I will take all my family for another test next week to be sure that we are all COVID-19 negative,” he said.

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