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Chidi Udengwu – Poised to take the NBA by Storm!


Chidi Udengwu Jr. is a first generation Nigerian who was born and raised in Diamond Bar California. His parents had 3 children in total. Oldest brother Nnadi (24), middle sister Chika (23), and lastly, Chidi (22).

He graduated from Idaho State University, which is a Division 1 school and signed with an agent and entered his name into the 2020 NBA Draft. His plan is to work really hard and plans on inspiring athletes and children all over the globe with my journey.

Chidi has been doubted his whole career but that is what has gotten him so much farther than everyone that was believed in. “Chidi Udengwu is the hardest worker that I have ever seen, he has the most energy I have ever seen, kid is like a machine, he just doesn’t stop.I started off playing basketball around the age of 5. Chidi’s high school career was not the typical high school career for someone who is en route to the NBA.

He did not make the varsity team until his senior year. After graduating he went to a prep school for one year, and yet still did not have any offers.

Several people told Chidi that his career was OVER. He went to SBVC (Junior College) for his first two years. After working extremely hard every single day for two years straight like a maniac. Not only did he begin to draw national attention being the starting point guard on the #1 team in California Junior College basketball, but also ended his second season picking up several Division 1 offers.

After Chidi was benched at Idaho state his first year, he was going to transfer schools, people still did not think that Chidi was meant for D1. Instead of leaving he stayed, a new coach came in, and it was night and day for Chidi’s Senior Season.

He went from being banished to the end of the bench to being a starer and the captain of the team. After a strong senior season he declared for the NBA Draft. Chidi’s hometown of Diamond Bar supports him a lot. After being asked he said, “I just want to say that I am grateful for all blessings that have been granted and put my way when everyone thought that I was down and out. My advice to all of the children and basketball players that are growing up and aspiring to play at the highest level is simple. I would tell them to bet on yourself no matter what and to always aim for the stars, so if you fall, you’ll land on the clouds. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”

Also to describe Chidi Udengwu’s personality outside the court, it is only right to call him a handful. a goal getter and a focused youngman that has a determination to succeed . He recently made a podcast called, “ChitChatWithChidi” to where he has been taking the youtube world by storm. Subscribe to ChitChatWithChidi for weekly updates and new exciting videos!









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