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BBNaija 2020: Final twist: Vee and Neo escape eviction, Nengi last head of house

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BBNaija 2020

Big Brother, who never ceases to amaze viewers and housemates, sprang a huge surprise in an unprecedented twist of events in the just concluded head of house games and nomination process.

BBNaija 2020 Housemates, as it was the usual norm, went into the arena to contest for the usual head of house challenge but to their surprise, Big Brother changed the rules of the game even to the awe of fans and viewers of the really show.

The head of house challenge, started with Big Brother’s instructions to the housemates telling them that the stakes were higher now, as it was going to be the last head of house games, heading into the final week of the reality show.

He told them that there would be no deputy head of house or any form of save and replace. As such, every housemates was to fight for his or her survival and not be hopeful of any favours from fellow housemates, should they be lucky to have their friends or buddies emerge as head of house, with the intention to pick them as deputy. Big Brother also instructed the housemates that whoever gets the furthest with the highest score will be the eventual winner of the head of house contest.

After rigorous efforts and struggles from housemates, Nengi eventually emerged as the winner from the head of house challenge.

The nomination process was swift and direct such that, the housemates were made to nominate each other in groups as opposed to the usual individual nominations that was secretly done with Biggie, alone in the diary room, after which the housemates were usually given strict instructions and Stern warnings never to disclose or discuss their choice of nominated housemates put up for evictions, with fellow housemate else, they would face the wrath of big brother’s punitive measures.

The peculiar nature of this last nomination of housemates for eviction was done by two major groups, the black group and the white group.

A group comprised of Vee, Laycon and Trikytee while the other group was made of Neo, Ozo and Dorothy.

They were tasked with the simple but rather difficult job of putting two members each from the other group, up for eviction.

Viewers were really eager to see how the whole process would pan out especially as Neo and Vee who were the obvious lovebirds and existing couples in the show per say, who always had each other’s back even though they sometimes had their misunderstandings, were of opposite groups.

Fans were watching to see if Neo and Vee would allow each other to be put up for eviction in their various groups, but thanks to the power of love and persuasion from each of them because, they were able to convince their group members to save their love interest. As such, both of them avoided nominations for possible eviction and by extension they both sailed through to the final five and made it to the grand finale, to the viewing pleasure of their fans.

As a result of the above drama, the following housemates were automatically put up for eviction; Trikytee, Laycon, Dorothy, And Ozo.

Nengi has immunity as the new head of house and also, the sole privilege to the head of house lounge.

Its now up to fans and viewers to save their favourite housemates, as the BBNaija 2020 show gradually comes to an end.

Which two housemates will join Nengi, Vee and Neo to make it to the final five? Which housemates amongst the nominated will have the privilege of experiencing the grand finale of this year’s BBNaija 2020 episode?

Indeed let the voting begin….


Gift Joseph Okpakorese
Staff Writer


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