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BBNaija 2020: Nengi Tells Ozo, Stop Talking To Me About Relationship Or Asking Me To Be Your Girlfriend

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BBNaija 2020: Nengi and Ozo

Nengi in an honest, but sober conversation yesterday with Ozo immediately after the BBNaija 2020 Saturday night party, asked him Ozo, to stop trying to woo her, or talk to her about anything relationship, dating or asking her to be his girlfriend.

Nengi made this submission known to Ozo and revealed her honest feelings towards him, in a very long conversation with him. She repeatedly told Ozo and by extension viewers and fans of the BBNaija 2020 show, that she takes her relationship with anyone she has ever dated in her life seriously.

She went further to say that ” In all of her past relationship, she first builds a friendship which in her experience lasted for a very long time perhaps a duration of two to three years before she decides to date such persons, because according to her, by the time she eventually starts dating such a friend she would have been already used to him.

Nengi also spoke on the issue of kissing in the house and in life generally. She had once mentioned and held on to the view that kissing was something she took so personal and intimate and cannot just kiss anyone randomly all in the name of the truth or dare games that was introduced by some housemates which saw them kissing each other. This opinion of hers, perhaps, explained the reason, why she later decided to sit out on most of the truth or dare game as the season evolved.

She had blatantly refused any form of sweet talking/cajoling from housemates, or persuasions from close friends and love interest within the house, whenever it came to the truth or dare games and there was kissing involved for her that was a big deal.

Another thing she insisted on was that she could be cool in the house with everyone who cared to be cool with her but that she is never going to be in any form of intimate relationship or have an affair with anyone in the house because she’s not single and searching, and more so, she is still having a ‘situationship’ outside the BBNaija 2020 house, which for her is still unresolved and as such, would not want to jeopardize it.

Ozo on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be concerned about the situation of Nengi outside the house but rather, he just wants her for himself and doesn’t care what it takes to win her heart irrespective of the cost.

Nengi in her characteristic manner, has warned and admonished Ozo nicely, jokingly, playfully, and seriously, to stop any relationship based or oriented discussions with her.

She said that this issue and topic, has been the bane of their discussions ever since they started talking to each other from week two. ”I don’t know how to say No or refuse anyone, when being disturbed continuously like this, without hurting the persons feelings or feeling bad myself too. Let’s just be friends she told Ozo.

This issue had gotten out of hand such that, at some instances, she even had to avoid Ozo, so as to make him stay focused in the game which brought him to the BBNaija 2020 show in the first place.

Other housemates like Dorothy and Kidwayya noticing the situation decided to give their candid advice to Ozo. Dorothy told him that it’s not. a crime to have a love interest or be in a relationship but that, he should never for once forget the primary reason he’s here in the BBNaija 2020 show because, He’s losing focus already and that for her is not good for him, as he has been given a strike and infringed on big brother’s house rules as well.

Meanwhile Kiddwaya told Ozo to try his best to get Nengi’s full attention if he really loves her because when they are out of the house, the competition is going to be fierce to win her heart over.

Is it true? This opinions of viewers and concerns of some housemates that Ozo is being distracted lately with his crazy obsession with Nengi?.

Gift Joseph Okpakorese

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