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A Look at the Relationships in Bbnaija 2020: Lockdown

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The BBNaija 2020 show never ceases to deliver on thrilling entertainment, such as, confrontations, drama, intense tasks, suspense, intrigues, wild parties, after party episodes etc.

In all of the above, one thing that is constant and almost certain is the expectation of fans and viewers that cordial, intimate and business relationships will always be developed. Most viewers enjoy to see and witness physical, emotional, and affectionate relationships brew and grow into something bigger even after the house.

During the ”Pepper Dem” season, the relationship between Ike and Mercy the eventual winner was the most prominent and talked about. The thoughts of them potentially getting married was, and is still on the lips of fans especially as they carried on after the show with another reality show of their own.

More so, during the ”Double Wahala” season, there were so many relationships and prominent ones at that, ranging from Lolu and Anto, Tobi and Ceec initially, Nina and Miracle the eventual winner, and Teddy A and Bambam who eventually got married after the show and are doing well from all indications.

With all the above episodes, fans are beginning to wonder what could become of the present relationships that have been established, as well as the ones brewing in this present Bbnaija 2020 Lockdown season.

Prior to the beginning of the Bbnaija 2020 Lockdown season, and upon entering the house, Ebuka the show host interviewed each housemate about their plans, strategies and intentions while going into the house. He asked them what they hoped to achieve at the end of the show, and during their stay in the house; if they hoped to cause mayhem or mischief, if they where single and searching, if they wanted to be involved in a relationship or not, etc.

Well, viewers have witnessed almost eight weeks during this Bbnaija 2020 season with evictions, drama and relationships formed. Prominent amongst these relationships are the following;

The special and fast connection between Lilo and Eric, the very first pair that marked their territory and space in the house.

There was also the love triangle that existed between Ozo, Nengi and Dorathy. The sexscapades, romance, and intense love affairs that transpired between Kiddwaya and the recently disqualified Erica cannot be overlooked in a hurry in this list of relationships. The short lived affair between Wathoni and the quiet Brighto.

Also, during the current Bbnaija 2020, there was the failed attempt at a romance, and the then friendship between Laycon and Erica. There was the surprise affair between Prince and Tolanibaj, which sprang out from nowhere upon housemates and viewers, perhaps because both of them were not the outspoken type. Finally, the lovebirds pair of Neo and Vee whose love for each other though torpsy turvy, has been admired by many, even up till now.

While viewers wonder and ponder on these unions, they however question the authenticity and strength of these relationships and their potential to last. Viewers are of the opinion that most of these relationships and affairs are strategic, and some are of the opinion that some of the housemates are just “catching their cruise”, like they use to say in the house.

From the housemate’s perspective, some are of the view that some of these affairs are real, while others are fake. For instance Trikytee in his diary session claimed that for him, in the Bbnaija 2020 season, it’s only the relationship between Vee and Neo that seem genuine, because they truly have mutual feelings for each other and they genuinely go out of their way to have each other’s back. Meanwhile, for other relationships, he claimed that it’s either only one sided, or one that one of the parties stand to benefit or gain something from the relationship strategically.

Many fans and viewers alike really wish and hope that the relationships of their favourite housemates stand the test of time within the house, and most importantly outside the house. Many of them want to behold the possibility of one or two relationships during Bbnaija 2020, develop into one that may even lead to marriage like that of Teddy A and Bambam.

The major fingers are pointing to the relationship between Vee and Neo as well as that of Ozo and Nengi, with regards to this.

Fans are eagerly waiting as the season gradually draws to an end.


Gift Joseph Okpakorese
Staff Writer




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