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Barack Michelle Obama are hiring interns for their Foundation..


The Obamas are hiring interns, and we’re packing our bags to move to D.C. right this instant.

CNBC reports that the office of Barack and Michelle Obama sent a letter to White House interns informing them they were launching an internship program. It will run from February 27 to June 16. That’s 16 (!!!) weeks working for our favorite dynamic duo.

The Obamas are looking for interns who “take initiative, manage their time well, have strong attention to detail, solid writing skills and the utmost commitment to public service.”

There were no details explaining whether the internship is paid or unpaid, or whether it requires an undergraduate or a graduate degree, or whether Refinery29 staffers with a love for all things Obama can apply.

The only problem? The deadline to be considered for this particular round of internships was last Wednesday. What a total bummer.

The good news is, we’re pretty sure this won’t be the last internship the Obamas will offer. Time to start polishing that resume and crafting the perfect cover letter. D.C., we’re coming for you.

Courtesy: REFINERY29




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