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Author Stephanie Ike Releases Moving Forward


All-new pioneering book offers Biblical teachings for Walking In Purpose.Book Design

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, JULY 9, 2015 – Stephanie Ike is pleased to announce the release of her all-new book, Moving Forward. The book is designed to answer timeless questions about breaking free from stagnancy by using Biblical truths.

In her new book, Ike uses her gifts of communication and teaching to break down these Biblical truths in an easy-to-digest format. Moving Forward was written to change people’s lives by awakening readers to the truth of continual progress and instill within them an understanding of walking in purpose. Moving Forward guides readers through a framework of letting go, trusting God, and pressing on.

Moving Forward strives to help people release themselves from the bondage of the “victim mentality” and empower them with the knowledge that they are already equipped with everything needed to make continual progress. By connecting people with these concepts, Moving Forward helps readers know that God accounted for mistakes just as He created them for His purpose.

An excerpt of the book reads, “There is a small, defenseless fish known as the ‘Red Sea Moses Sole’ that lives amongst sharks. Because sharks are known to eat almost anything, scientists have wondered how that little fish has survived. Strangely enough, once a shark opens its mouth to eat it, its fear causes it to secrete a milky substance scientists have identified as a natural shark repellent. Without even closing its jaw on the little fish, the shark pulls back because the substance is so repulsive and it wants nothing more to do with the fish.God placed the Moses Sole in an area where it shouldn’t even survive one single day. Within the fish, however, is a substance God implemented in its design, strength the fish probably doesn’t even know exists, to naturally repel the sharks it lives among when it feels fear. In the same way, certain strengths within you are only revealed when something that would naturally frighten you is standing in your way and yet you choose to keep going.”

More information can be found at www.movingforwardthebook.com.

About Stephanie Ike

Stephanie Ike is the producer and creator of the Voice of Hope series, a storytelling platform that features transparent conversations about one of life’s most important journeys: following your dreams. She writes a daily devotional on her blog at stephanieike.com and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.


Stephanie Ike
E-mail: movingforwardthebook@gmail.com
Website: www.stephanieike.com




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