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Anambra Election 2021: Another Round Of Cynical Political Stumps Has Begun Ik Agbatekwe

Anambra Election
Anambra Election

The quadratic equation of Anambra State is up again with the quadrennial transfer of power and political struggle of who handles the baton of continuation of either the decadence or development of our state hanging in the pendulum.

Which way the pendulum tilts lies on the voters come November 6, 2021. And as the intending candidates herald their reasons for the clamor to power, we as citizens should evaluate their sincerity of purpose- in order to elude the quadrennial quagmire that has often befallen us through the years.
May I first of all  thank all the candidates that have expressed their intentions to serve in the capacity of Anambra State Governor when Willie Obiano goes down in history on March 17 2022. It is always a noble act to commit to the service of one’s own homeland in any capacity.
For most of us in the diaspora who do not have the privilege to participate in the election, we should begin to make meaningful demands through our constituents for the delivery of good governance. Our economic influence in our state should translate to demand for change of the status quo.
The big question that all legitimate voters in Anambra ought to ask is ” Whether this is this another round of cynical promises, with underlying intent to loot whatever is left in the Anambra State treasury.” Or  a good willed intention to serve and uplift the lives of our downtrodden citizens?
That being said, I will narrate the much I know about Anambra politics beginning with the new civilian dispensation which started with the unproductive tenure Chinwoke  Mbadinuju as Governor  from ( 1999 to 2003) Chris Ngige from  (2003 to 2006) who was forced to perform under pressure when he parted ways with his political Godfathers to Peter Obi  from (2006 to 2014) who reclaimed his mandate after a protracted court battle and performed against all odds in the history of our state.
Peter Obi’s exemplary governance is now being overshadowed by the ineptitude of his predecessor Willie Obiano, who has turned the much revered All People’s Grand Alliance (APGA’S) slogan in Igbo Language, “Nka bu Nkanyi”  to “Nka bu Nkem.”
But as we delve into this new election period, I call on all well meaning Anambranians to carefully check the track records of these seasonal politicians who are very quick to cite their so-called experience in the private sector as a tool for governance.
What private sector are they talking about? Private sector that has failed on bank loans or the ones that have kept workers under perpetual servitude or the ones that have actually defrauded the government? Let us rephrase their experience as the Private sector of swindlers.
I have not been taking counts of the number of candidates that have expressed their intentions to participate in the upcoming Gubernatorial election because one thing is clear-it  is all based on cynicism.
Other than one candidate that will have my vote any day, I am simply beckoning Anambranians to be prudent in their choice or leave Anambra State “In the hands of God.” as the failed Governor of Enugu State has done.
DiasporaIke Agbatekwe
Life and Times News
Los Angeles, California
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