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American Comedian Kevin Hart Reacts After Seeing His Zambian Doppelganger Goes Viral

American Comedian Kevin Hart
American Comedian Kevin Hart

The idea or thought of a Doppelganger or lookalike seem a mystery for some persons especially when such a semblance is not shared by family members or persons identified as twins.

Many people believe that it’s possible to have a look alike in this world but it’s rare, while others beg to disagree claiming that they have seen numerous numbers of persons who looked so much like them they began to doubt themselves and imagine if such persons are not really related to them or a lost sibling now found.

Popular American comedian Kevin Hart, had just received the shock of his life by seeing his look alike and funnily enough he is from an African country Zambia to be precise.

Kevin Hart reacting to this funny experience and surprise reacted in a recent interview, and commented on the video and pictures of the striking resemblance of the Zambian TikToker to him, whose photos already went viral all over social media

The Zambian TikToker whose name was given as John alias @arabmoney44, and whose occupation was said to be an environmentalist, had initially shared a video post of his Hart impression and social media viewers and fans were shocked at the impeccable and striking resemblance.

The Zambian who already aware of his uncanny resemblance to Hart, even went further to mimic the personality of Hart in one of the videos he posted.

Meanwhile speaking with ‘The Breakfast Club’ co-host, Charlamagne tha God, the comedian; Kevin Hart could not hide his feelings and surprise about having a doppelganger, saying

“This guy actually looks like me. It’s not a joke. My brother, it looks exactly like we were birth from the same woman,” Hart said.

“I thought he was playing with a filter but that’s him. That’s the second time I’ve seen it.”

Sometimes the entertainment industry could take advantage of situations like this to reach out to John and star both of them in a movie knowing that Hart is not just only a stand up comedian but also an actual TV personality, who has hosted many reality shows and have starred in numerous comedy series animations and movies.

Fans would really love the prospect of seeing them together or watch them star in collaboration just to check them out, Many viewer, especially those who love and are fans of twins wouldn’t mind such a scenery as they would cherish the opportunity of doing their own semblance puzzle on them just for fun if both of them eventually get to come together either in a movie or in real life in a reality show.


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