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Actress Ireti Doyle Distances Self from Daughter’s Fraudulent Business

Actress Ireti Doyle Distances Self From Daughter's Business Over Fraud  Allegations
Actress Ireti Doyle

By Uche Amunike

Renowned Nollywood actress Ireti Doyle has put out a disclaimer to distance herself from her daughter’s fraudulent business, popularly known as ‘Kachi Beauty Products’.

Her daughter, Ngozikachi Abimbola Onyeulo, the Chief Executive Officer of Kachi Beauty has allegedly used her empowerment scheme to scam many victims by receiving payments from them without delivering the ordered hair products that she claims to import.

A report by Foundation for Investigative Journalism which was released in March, stated that the business owed customers to the tune of over 40 million naira and that in spite of the unceasing calls and emails sent to her by her customers, she has refused to refund their money.

A majority of the victims of the scam said that the only reason why they agreed to be a part of the business was because of the CEO’s mother, Ireti Doyle.

The Thespian, however took to her Instagram page on Monday to declare that she has what she called ‘zero affiliations’ with her daughter’s fraudulent  business, stressing that she was only related to her as her mother.

She further explained to all parties involved that she was in no way connected to Kachi Beauty Products, reiterating that she was never a shareholder nor been a director, neither has she ever been on the payroll or at anytime received any financial benefits from her daughter’s fraudulent business.

She maintained that the 34 year old Mrs Abimbola Ngozi Onyeulo (Nee Ozofor), aka Kachi is her biological child, which is the extent of her relationship with her, adding that she had no dealings or interest whatsoever in the board, proprietors or products of her daughter’s fraudulent business.

The beautiful actress and major lead in the popular Nollywood movie, The Wedding Party, advised all that have been adversely affected by having dealings with Kachi to meet with her and all the right authorities designed to deal with such matters so as to resolve any differences that they presently have.

On Kachi’s part, during an Instagram live chat with Dele Momodu, in January, she admitted that she had refunded over 20 million naira to 92 customers who were affected and promised to make the other refunds to her remaining customers in order to retain her integrity.

Doyle was forced to put up a disclaimer notice after being tired of people constantly tagging as a part of her daughter’s fraudulent business.

Below are messages sent to an online platform, fij.ng by some of her customers who Kachi scammed out of their hard earned money:


‘Distributors package,.refund my money so I can pay up the loan you made me incurred so we can go our separate ways.” —Pretty. Ddy:’

“Refund my 300k and stop being heartless.” —Blenwoman:’

“Kachi is the biggest scammer I have ever seen, she is soo rude. It will never be well with her ooo. She is holding my 206,000 for the past six months now. No product, no refund.” — Hairvolution beauty.

“So this is what I heard from a right source oo .. for the wholesale deal , I heard Kachi wrote terms and conditions. People who bought from the wholesale deal didn’t read that part. They just went ahead and paid …if you bought from her whole sales deal, the money is gone except you followed the terms and conditions. I don’t think she will pay them oo , na wetin I hear from someone very close to her.” — Bolu2704.

“Paid 80k since may last year when I was just 4 months pregnant, now my baby is four months old, no hair and no refund!! Imagine that I wanted to use the returns of the money to buy baby things only to be stranded by Kachi!! Once I asked for refund, she blocked me !! How can you take someone’s money refused to deliver and also refuse to refund !! The audacity this Kachi lady has is what is amazing. Anyway, I don’t blame her. It’s cause our justice system is wack. If not, she go refund me my money , pay for demurrage and for emotional distress.” — Shawtymj.

“My God is not their gods.@kachibeautyproducts did you see me calling you again.The way to get my money back is on process. You will come down to Anambra your self and you must pay me with interest. This is the request I made . You will suffer. She is heartless and wicked. If she refused to pay, go and petition her at any of the super shrines in Anambra state. No pity for a heartless bitch. I am Zita. You blocked me, you will suffer I promise you that.” —Onyekazy.”


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