Home Op-Ed A Doused Apprehension Of Homecoming by Ike Agbatekwe 

A Doused Apprehension Of Homecoming by Ike Agbatekwe 


As the year 2020 draws to an end, my deep reflections of the events preceding to the end of this turbulent year negates my apprehension of the supposed doomsday.

When I departed Los Angeles International Airport on December 15, 2020, after a rigorous check in procedure with Qatar Airways, I geared myself up for an even more rigorous experience at the hands of Nigerian immigration officials.
That fear was doused with a cordial reception by the joint teams of Nigerian immigration, customs and the makeshift medical personnel at Murtala Mohammed International airport in Lagos.
A well coordinated team of the aforementioned airport officials accorded us a civilized entry procedure to our native land. I must admit that my apprehension of an anticipated hostility was doused beyond my imagination.
The immigration officials were very courteous and extended all due diligence to all returning citizens alongside the visiting foreigners. We were all checked out in an orderly fashion with the needed advice on the World Health organization requirements on the Covid 19 regulations. It was indeed heartwarming for me to see true professionalism in action.
None  of the officials that I encountered asked for the usual money for kola nuts. Against my policy of giving tips to paid government officials, I was moved to do so, out of my own volition and not under duress. It was nothing but a Christmas gift out of my heart in this season of giving. They asked for nothing and got something in return.
If this manner of professionalism continues by our hardworking men and women of the armed forces, we should all continue to clamor for their equitable compensation, knowing fully well that they are underpaid for the services that they render to our nation.
On this note, I thank the federal government for being coordinated in implementing the international travel regulations, these are the moments we feel so proud to be Nigerians.
I  am writing from my country home of Nibo, Obizi Constituency in Awka South,Anambra State, Nigeria
Happy holidays to everyone.
Ike Agbatekwe
Editor @Large
Life and Times News
Los Angeles,  California


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