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10 Slaying Hairstyles Yemi Alade Rocks

Fashion icon and pop star Yemi Alade has rocked several beautiful hairstyles since her rise in the music industry. She is often regarded as a hair icon and is said to have her own hair empire.
We love the fact that she is in love with her Nigerian and African heritage and is also not afraid to take risks with her looks clothing and hairstyle.
Here are a few of her African inspired hairstyles that have got people talking and admiring.
The Fringe Puff
 Yemi Alade sure knows how to rock a fringe.
The Half- Fro
 A lot of Yemi Alade fans love this hairstyle. It looks so cool and bold.
The multiple Wrap Around Braid twists
Yemi Alade slays with this hairstyle so well. She had double golden twists done with braids as well.
The Mohawk Fro
 This is another bold and lovely hairstyle from Yemi Alade’s collection of styles.
The Big Bantu Knots
 Yemi Alade rocked this style so well that some other stars had to follow suit.
The Purple Wrap Around 
The purple wrap around big braid is daring and looks good on Yemi Alade.
The Coily Wrap Around Big Braid
Yemi Alade knows wrap around braids look good on her and she doesn’t mind adding different twists and designs to it.
The high rise twist with 3 colours
 Yemi Alade most definitely knows how to rock a high rise hair.  This is one of her very famous and popular hairstyles.
The boy cut twist
 Yemi Alade dazzles in this undercut fade hairstyle/haircut.
Full twist
 Yemi Alade also rocks long beautiful and colourful twisting.
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