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Zeeworld couple – Reactions as Judy Austin stands in centre of the road, blocks Yul Edochie from driving out

Judy Austin
Judy Austin

Nollywood couple, Yul Edochie and Judy Austin has caused a stir for the umpteenth on social media after new video of them exchanging words emerged.

The trending clip sighted on Yul’s page, showed when Judy Austin stopped him on his way out.

The Actress was standing at the centre of the road, blocking Yul as he was about to drive out and asking him to get out of his car.

At first, Yul was shocked to see Judy standing in the middle of the street as he was leaving. He said, “Is that not Judy?”.

On seeing him, Judy instructed him to turn off the ignition and get down to the car.

Yul questioned her about why he would step out of his own car, and Judy told him that he needed to hear her out, that she wanted them to talk, and that he needed to explain to her why he had sent her friend out of their house.

The Actor encouraged her to get off the road and talk about it later at home, but Judy persisted on talking about it on the road.

In response, Judy, insisted that she was not leaving the road and was ready to strip naked on the road, and she dared him to run her over.


The video raised comments from netizens with many of them saying they were only creating content to make money from Facebook.


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