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“You will never go the same way you came”


A Pastor was invited to a church program in Maiduguri. When he got there, though, he wanted to preach about Boko Haram but he put it indirectly by saying, ”The title of my topic today is: “YOU WILL NEVER GO THE SAME WAY YOU CAME”. .

He started preaching and at the same time monitoring with his eyes if there was any black paper bag around. Minutes later, as he was still preaching, he heard a loud sound from outside KPUUUMMMMMMMM”

Within the blink of an eye, everybody disappeared including the pastor, he jumped out through the window.

Some minutes later, after the whole members had gathered again, the pastor was nowhere to be found. They quickly called him on phone and asked, ”Hello pastor, where are you sir?”.

I’m in Sapele.” He replied.

The member was surprised and screamed ”Ahhhhhhh pastor, please come back, it was not a bomb, but a car tyre that burst outside.

The pastor answered” I know, that is why I’m still in Sapele. If it was a bomb, I would have been in Nnewi by now.”

The church member said, ”But pastor, you left through the window, and anyone who pass through the window is a thief.”

The pastor asked, “My sister, what was my topic earlier today?”. The member replied,  ”YOU WILL NEVER GO THE SAME WAY YOU CAME.”

The pastor said, ”So I came through the door, and I left through the window.”




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