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Why we hated our father – Uche Edochie

Uche Edochie
Uche Edochie


Uche Edochie, one of Nollywood Veteran, Pete Edochie’s son, has revealed why they despised their father while growing up.

The much-loved thespian, Pete, turned 76 on Tuesday, March 7, and Uche took to his official Instagram page to celebrate the new age.

On his Instagram page, Uche noted that they erroneously hated their father’s strict and firm lifestyle, which he said was aimed at adding value to their lives.

Describing his father as a strict man who ensured his children’s success, Uche said:

Isn’t it funny how we felt the exact opposite way when we were growing up? Back then, we hated our dads because they wouldn’t allow us to endanger our careers and lives in the name of having fun.

We thought they were the problem, and we grew up to realise that we were the problem and we needed our asses kicked. Thanks for kicking my ass when you had to, dad. I’m glad I grew up in the 70s and 80s and had a solid father like you to raise me.

A very happy birthday to my dad, who turns 76 today. Thanks for everything, pops. You are the best father a man can wish for. I hope you have a super wonderful day. I love you.”


Pete got married to Josephine Edochie when he was 22 years old. The two have six children together, with two of them (Yul and Linc) following in their father’s acting footsteps.

Pete Edochie’s children are Eva, Yul, Gene, Lincoln, Uche, and Leo.

Uche Edochie is a painter, writer, interior designer, and entrepreneur.

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