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Who is more wicked?


My girlfriend called me on phone and said:
“Hello honey, you know I love you so much,
I have been looking for a way to prove more of my love for you.
Please Baby I want you to come to my house for a lunch with your friends.
I asked her, ” When?”
She replied, “Any day you will be chanced.”
I said okay and the date was fixed.
I started informing my friends about it and they all agreed to go with me,
some suspended what they would have done just to follow me to her house as demanded.
On the D-Day, I and my friends were set to leave and I called her,
“Baby we are on the way to your house”,
and she replied, “Oh baby I can’t waitto see you guys”.
When we got close to her house, I called her again to let her know that we are close to her house, she
replied: “Baby are you serious?”
And suddenly burst into laugh,
“Hahahahahaha, I was only joking o, you know how we normally joke naa.”
I was embarrassed but I pretended and ended the call.
I asked my friends to know if they heard my conversation with her but they didn’t, so I told them that she asked us to wait at the hotel that she will soon join us soon.
We left for the hotel and I ordered for their needs.
Shortly I picked up my phone and shouted: “WHAT? Guys we need to leave here now, I just received information now that Boko Haram are on their way to this place” and we all left the Hotel.
None of my Friends knew what happened because it would have been so shameful.

A week later, I called her, “Baby I just
received a letter from my Village
that I should come home for my
Chieftaincy Title and they said I
should not come without taking a
wife. You know you are the only one
I have so I want to inform your
parents and they should fix a date for
our introduction and it should be
next week because we need to
leave for the village before this
month runs out”.
She was so happy and she informed
her parents just as I ordered.
They started preparing and
everything was in order.
On the fixed date. On the fixed date, I
was in the office when my phone
rang, she was the one calling, “Baby
where are you?”
I replied: “We are close to your
house”, she happily said, “Okay.”
After a while she called back to know
where I was again, “Baby where are
Then I replied: “Baby are you serious
you believed what I told you?
Hehehehe I was only joking
ooooooooo, You know how we used
to joke na”.
……… That was how the fight started.
Now she has broken up with me,
saying i’m wicked.

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