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Which Nollywood Dad would you rather have?


In honour of Father’s day, We list 10 Nollywood actors and their on screen stereotypical dad characters.

Alex Usifo, Pete Edochie, Kunle Bamtefa, Kanayo .O. Kanayo and Jide Kosoko
Alex Usifo, Pete Edochie, Kunle Bamtefa, Kanayo .O. Kanayo and Jide Kosoko

Undoubtedly, fathers are invaluable, tough love and all. On screen, certain actors have tugged at our hearts with their perfect representation of the imperfections of fatherhood.

So, imagine you had one chance to choose one all time Nollywood dad, which actor will make your wish list? Before you make up your mind, here is what to expect from these Nollywood dads.

Pete Edochie

Pete Edochie [withinnigeria]

You can never go wrong with a dad like the veteran actor. With him, there is a reservoir of proverbs to guide your every move. If you are introspective, these proverbs might either mean go rogue if you must but be discreet. After all, only the person whose hands are found in the pot of soup can be labelled a thief.

Antar Laniyan

Antar Laniyan [Sidomex Entertainment]

This dad might not have the fatherly virtues but he is one that never bosses you around. One of the reasons this dad might never get in your face is because you may have caught him in a few misdemeanors. He will do anything humanly possibly to ensure you do not run off to mommy with reports of his escapades.

John Okafor (Mr Ibu)

John Okafor [Pulse ]

A dad like Mr Ibu will amuse everyone else but you. Up his sleeves are antics to avoid being responsible for your welfare. As the popular community clown, this dad will embarrass you at every turn. Voluptuous women are his undoing so if you have the chance, you must devise means to make life miserable for every potential curvaceous queen that stumbles into his life.

Olu Jacobs

Olu Jacobs [The News Nigeria]

A typical Mufasa dad, this dad will adore the very ground that you walk on. Mothers are a huge inconvenience with dads like this cause they constantly remind him of how he spoils you silly. This is the kind of dad Luther Vandross sang about. They are special and unfortunately scarce.

Alex Usifo

Alex Usifo [TNS]

The tough love dad! With a dad like the veteran actor, you will realize over time that smiles are luxuries reserved only for when he is around his party members. You cannot afford to return home with unsatisfactory grades or news that you have fallen in love with the son or daughter of a competing party chieftain as the consequences will be severe.

Kanayo O. Kanayo

Kanayo O. Kanayo [The Guardian]

This dad’s love can be tough and you must grow to accept it. The day he begins to warm up, be rest assured that your destiny has come up on his ritualistic radar. Your demise is imminent from this point. Ciao!

Kunle Bamtefa

Kunle Bamtefa [Opera News]

If you enjoy Owanbes, this is the daddy for you! A dad like Kunle Bamtefa doesn’t care much for good grades primarily because there are too many of you and too many wives to keep him distracted. The point here is, you are completely at liberty to do with your life as you please.

Jide Kosoko

Jide Kosoko [Punch]

Sarcasm is this daddy’s top communication tool. Being a girl dad himself, this dad understands how to make the women in his life satisfied. You can never have financial wants with this dad. He is a comedian on the side so there will hardly be boring moments around this dad. Your friends will love this dad because of how welcoming he is but make sure to keep your eyes on your female friends.

Sam Loco Efe

Sam Loco Efe [Austine Media]

Get in formation and at attention cause this dad is a typical old soldier. He constantly lives in the past so expect your none busy nights to be filled with stories of how he defeated the enemy with his tactical moves. He is also your unofficial history teacher but you might need to check your text books to authenticate his gist as they may contain some misrepresentations that portray him as the ultimate hero.

Justus Esiri

Justus Esiri [YouTube]

For this dad, education is as paramount as the very air you breathe. There is no room for second best grades and he will constantly remind you of how he never made second place. Note, there will be no way to verify his claims.

Source: PulseNG

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