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“Where I Go See That Kind Money?” – Isreal DMW Cries Out As Yomi Casual Reveals Cost For His Wedding Suit

Isreal DMW
Isreal DMW

Israel ‘DMW’ Afeare, The logistics manager of Nigerian Singer, Davido, has cried out after he was told the cost of his wedding suit.

Recall that Israel alighted the single train some some months ago after he proposed to his girlfriend.

In the video making the rounds online, the singer’s aide was with popular designer, Yomi Casual, as he hailed him.

Isreal’s reaction, however, changed after he started to speak about his wedding suit costing a whopping N500k. He asked Yomi Casual where he is meant to see N500k for just one wedding suit.

In Isreal’s words:

N500k for one wedding suit! My brother! That’s too much o, where I for see money?”

The celebrity tailor, on the other hand, laughed hard and called Isreal a big man.



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