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What Would You Do??


Be Sincere, if you were in this situation, what would you do??

A police officer stopped you, entered your car and demanded for your papers and after perusing, he said, “Oga! Your papers don expire. You begged him but he won’t let you go and after wasting an hour of your time, he insist you settle him with 2500. You pleaded that he should take 1,500 because 2,500 was all you had. But he insisted on the 2,500 or you go to the station.

To avoid further delay, you gave him the 2,500 and he alighted from your car. You zoomed off in anger and just about 5 minutes drive from the scene, a phone rang in your car. Behold, it was a “iPhone 7” seated gracefully on the passenger seat beside you.

You picked the call, lo & behold the harsh policeman said in a very somble tone, “Oga, sori wen I sit inside ur car my fone don fall inside your car. Na me, the police man wey arrest you just now. Abeg help me return am”.
What will be your response and reaction?????




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