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A fat man saw an ad that says, “LOSE 5KG IN A WEEK” He calls and said, “I would like to join!” The lady at the end of the call replied, “OK, be ready at 6am tomorrow morning.

Next morning, he opens the door and finds a hot babe with shoes, underpants and a shirt saying, “If you catch me, you can have sex with me!” Immediately, the girl starts running.

The guy starts running after her but couldn’t catch her. He chased her unsuccessfully during the whole week and loses 5kg. He then asks for the 10kg program.

Next morning at 6, he opens the door and saw a much hotter babe in a bikini saying, “If you catch me, you can have sex me.” He loses 10kg that week after another unsuccessful chase.

So he said to the lady, “This program is awesome! Let me try the 25kg.” But the lady was skeptical, “Are you sure? Its really tough!” The man insisted.

So next morning at the same time, he opens the door expecting to see an undressed babe, but finds an undressed man saying, “If I catch you, I must have sex with you!”

That week, he lost 50kg

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