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US Govt Urged To Bolster Ties With Nigeria


goodluck_jonathan_obama-300x225The Director for Africa Center of the United States Atlantic Council in Washington, DC, Dr. Peter J. Pham, has urged the Obama-led administration to bolster its ties with the Nigerian government.

Dr. Pham who made this plea yesterday in his new article titled: “Bolster US-Nigeria Ties to Seal Democratic Gains” spoke on the importance of the United States maintaining strong ties to Nigeria and the US efforts to ensure a smooth transition after Nigeria’s presidential elections.

“The historic victory of challenger Muhammadu Buhari over incumbent Goodluck Jonathan in Nigeria’s recent presidential election, the latter’s graceful concession and the apparently smooth transition that is underway ahead of the May 29 handover represented not only a milestone for the West African country but also a significant boost for democracy across the continent” he wrote.

Pham pressed further that the happy outcome of both March 28 and April 11 general elections in Nigeria was also a major win for US President Barrack Obama and his team who had earlier made an exceptional video appeal to the Nigerian people to vote peacefully and resist calls to violence.

He pressed further that Obama’s declaration of his administration’s support for democracy in Nigeria was critical to United States interests, stressing that it was a fundamental component of American leadership abroad



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