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There is this my friend that got a Visa to the U.K for the first time after applying for several years(say since 1994). Excited as he was, he was still bitter having had to wait that long. He said: ‘guy, i go show dem’.

He got a return ticket from one of the airlines to travel today and return tomorrow.

On getting to Heathrow airport in U.K, he was given a rather elaborate search, didn’t have much luggage but all his body parts were searched, boxer, nails, eyelid, eyelashes and all his orifices.

He then ask the security personnel the reason for the elaborate search on him.

The security personnel said: ”we are really sorry about that sir, its just that you’re entering today and going tomorrow calls for suspicion.

My guy, extremely happy about the scenario and the fact that a white man addressed him as sir, gently gave the security a pat on the shoulder and said:’ come on, don’t mention it, LIGHT NO DEY NAIJA, I SAY MAKE I COM CHARGE MY PHONE FOR HERE’

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