Home Entertainment Toyin Lawani Criticized By Nigerians for Going Nude to Promote Products.

Toyin Lawani Criticized By Nigerians for Going Nude to Promote Products.

Toyin Lawani
Toyin Lawani

“Must You Go Nude To Promote Your Product?” This is the question and criticisms pouring in on Toyin Lawani’s social media page as Nigerians Blast her after seeing her post and pictures on social media platforms

Toyin Lawani is a gorgeous fashion stylist and entrepreneur born from a rich and prestigious family. In fact, she is described as “jack of all trade Master of All“. She is the CEO and creative director of Tiannah’s Place Empire and also the founder of the Fashion Academy.

Tiannah’s Styling Fashion Academy has created a niche for itself in the fashion industry in Nigeria with the creative ideas of the business mogul. Toyin Lawani is an entrepreneur who runs over 30 enterprises under one roof “Tiannah’s Place.

Toyin Lawani has had her fair share and say on Sex, Scandals and Success · Her tattoo-dotted plunging cleavage is ravishing. She is a also a mother and candidly her lifestyle is becoming a thing of worry for close friends and fans who though admire her business skills but wonder at what extent she could go to actually promote her business brands and products.

History has it on records according to Information Nigeria that the beautifully gifted entrepreneur broke the internet with her nude photos in 2019 and has since then made her impression on the fashion and entertainment world. However the issue with her according to her numerous followers is the fact that she doesn’t know when to be prudent and modest in her bid to promote her products.

Meanwhile despite the numerous criticisms coming her way it appears the controversial celebrity is not about to retire from sharing her x-rated photos as she took to her Instagram page to post another one – which is actually from her 2019 archives.

This did not sit well with some of her followers who reprimanded her for going totally nude just to promote her skincare products.

Some Nigerians are actually feeling that her recent posts and seductive antics on social media do not portray a good image and the picture of a mother and role model entrepreneur that the younger generation would want to aspire to become especially for younger ladies who look up to her successful business model and personality.

Others took to the comments section of her Instagram page to criticize her for promoting nudity while a few followers advised her to desist from the act as it doesn’t speak well of her the picture and personality she would wants to look back at later in life and be proud of.


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