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Tonto Dikeh exposes secret lifestyle of Nigerian celebrities


Controversial Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, has advised her fans not to be fooled by the flashy lifestyles being portrayed by some of her colleagues on social media.

The actress disclosed this on Instagram on Thursday and also went on to expose how most celebrities deceive their gullible followers on social media.

“Don’t be fooled nor be pressured to live on the fast lane,” the actress wrote.

“I know people (male and female) who travel abroad once a year and take pictures to last the gram for a year(Slowly releasing them to make us feel they travel every day!!

“I know people (male and female) who change four times on a one time trip on a PJ for pictures and post them periodically and we feel they travel every second in style.

“No pun intended but this is to say never want anyone’s life, work don’t get intimidated by any ones success. For all you know you could be worth more that the life you envy or wish!”

Tonto’s latest claims comes just as a recent study by the University of Pennsylvania revealed that social media increases depression and loneliness.

The post has also been met with mixed reactions from fans who accused the actress of being guilty of the same crime she is preaching against.

But Tonto is not the only Nollywood actress who has berated her colleagues who show off on social media.

The likes of comedian Alibaba and actress, Iyabo Ojo, have at different times chided their colleagues for misleading fans by flaunting extravagant lifestyles on social media.

In the last few weeks, several Nigerian celebrities have flaunted luxury rides and choice homes which they claimed to have bought.

A Yoruba actor, Olatayo Omokade aka Ijebu, and actress, Nkechi Blessing, are the latest car owners in Nollywood.

They have posted photos of their latest acquisition on Instagram to the delight of their fans.

This constant showoff on Instagram has prompted fans to ponder about the source of their wealth.

This is not unconnected to the fact that the Yoruba movie industry churns out a high number of films while its practitioners are reportedly the least paid.

Source: Premium Times NG



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