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Tiwa Savage Cries out for Being Blackmailed over Sex Tape

Tiwa Savage
Tiwa Savage
By Uche Amunike
Nigerian multiple award-winning  singer, Tiwa Savage says that she is presently being blackmailed over a sex tape that  features her and the man she is currently  having a relationship with.
During an interview with American OAP, Angie Martinez of Power 105.1, the iconic singer revealed that her lover was not too happy with the development. She said that she got a message from her road manager telling her to check her phone and when she did, she saw that it was a video of her and her lover. When she asked where he got it from he said he received it earlier in the day.
She said that the sender of the video was asking for money and that she was losing her mind and her lover was also going crazy with the development.
Even though she did not disclose how much the blackmailer was asking for, she said that she has taken the decision not to pay any sum for doing what she described as ‘something natural’.
Her refusal to pay the person was because  it will never solve the problem because if she pays, 2 months from now or three months or even 2 years down the line, the blackmailer will return. She also said that there was no guarantee that the person would release the tapes to her which is why she has refused to let them blackmail her into doing something natural.
She further reiterated that she will not give a dime to her blackmailers but that she could release the video herself to show them how crazy she is.
She dared them to put out the video because no part of her intends to pay any amount for it. She assured them that they will not make any money out of her, adding that the content of the video was an intimate moment with someone she is dating and that the person is not famous. She described him as a regular guy and was really upset about them trying to put his whole business out to the public.
According to her, he is more concerned about her because he knows that she’s going to be more affected by the ugly drama and the fact that her mother and her son would have to see it.
She further stated that she has taken the decision to talk to her son about it and advise him to brace up, because when he’s much older, somebody might be rude to him in the playground and refer to the tape.
The successful singer made it clear that the video was not from any member of her team. She clarified that it was accidentally posted on Snapchat by her lover who deleted it immediately when he realised the error, not knowing that someone had gotten it before he deleted it.
She expressed her worry about this development which made her have sleepless nights, admitting that she was tempted to stall her blackmailers, but eventually decided against it, in order to own the narrative and tell her own story.
She stressed that she was not ashamed of it because it is someone she’s currently dating and both of them are not cheating.
She felt for her fans who she said will have to keep defending her and assured she will not switch off her phone or have someone run her account because of this matter.
She asked her fans to ignore it.
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