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“This is abuse of power” – Georgina Onuoha calls out Eniola Badmus for arresting lady who defamed her

Georgina Onuoha calls out Eniola Badmus
Georgina Onuoha calls out Eniola Badmus

Actress, Georgina Onuoha has taken issue with her colleague, Eniola Badmus for the way she handled the situation with the Tiktoker, Ego Blessing Okoye who defamed her.

Recall that Ego made serious allegations against Eniola, claiming she is involved in pimping ladies to politicians. She also stated that a lot of politicians have slept with Eniola Badmus in a bid for the actress to rise to the top in politics.

As a response to the defamatory utterances, Eniola Badmus took action and had Ego arrested.

However, Georgina Onuoha voiced her disagreement with this course of action. She believes that instead of resorting to an arrest, Eniola should have taken a legal route and sued the Tiktoker for defamation.

Georgina expressed her concern about the use of power and intimidation, accusing Eniola Badmus of abusing her influence by involving the police in the matter.

She pointed out that defamation is not a criminal offence that justifies an arrest and suggested that it would have been more appropriate to handle the situation through legal channels.

In her words:

“In any functioning society, if someone defames you, it is within your rights to seek damages done to your reputation. What she did was wrong and defamatory. Eniola @eniola_badmus your next line of action will be to sue her for defamation and seek restitution.
Arresting her means you are equally breaking the law. Slander or defamation is not a criminal offense that warrants arrest and parading this young woman like a criminal. Yes she defamed you, sue her for damages. This is abuse of power and intimidation on your part. Use the law diligently and not oppressively because of your proximity to power and fame.
Shame on the police officers indulging in this nonsense.
@eniola_badmus. You are within your rights to sue her for defamation and damages done to your person and name. Arresting means you are equally abusing the law. Right of speech is her right as well as yours. If she threatened your person and wished you bodily harm, then you are within your legal rights to get her arrested for your safety.
This power play or show is laughable and beneath you.
Let it go now and take her to court.
Stop parading her like a criminal.
@benjaminhundeyin your men should not be engaging in such ineptitude. If she is sued and refuses to show up to court, then the judge could order her arrest for contempt of court and law.
This is abuse of power and the police should not be used as a weapon of intimidation.
We are in a democracy and the rule of law must prevail over personal grievances.
This is tantamount to kidnapping by @eniola_badmus and members of the police force.
He who seeks equity must come with clean hands.
Meaning that a party seeking equitable relief must be willing to fulfil their own obligations and act equitably themselves.”

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