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A boy was so fed up with his family situation and was forced to ask his father: thus, this conversation goes:

BOY: papa, why is our situation so critical?

PAPA:(tears, coming out from his face)ah! if no bi JUNE 12, I for don be like OBJ.

BOY: papa, why bi say we no get house to stay?

PAPA:((tears, dropping from his eyes again )ah! ah! if no bi JANUARY 27(Ikeja bomb blast) we for dey for mansion by now.

The boy still frustrated again and he asked:

BOY: why bi say all your friends dey America and only u dey for Naija.

PAPA:(this time putting his hands on his head) ah! ah! ah! if no bi September 11, I for still dey America by now.(na wa ohhhhhhhhhhh)

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