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The Situationship Between Messi And Barcelona

Messi And Barcelona
Messi And Barcelona

Messi hasn’t shown up for the PCR tests today. It is said that the contractual agreement allows him to leave at the end of the season. His lawyers have adviced him to not attend the training sessions and thereby acknowledge that he has not started the new season

What we know: Messi wants to leave. Bartomeu the club’s president doesn’t want Messi to leave.

But does Bartomeu really want Messi to stay? Given his cunning and fraudulent history, the answer is ‘NO’. Selling Messi is the best way for the board to manage their crippled finances and avoid being taken to the court by the next board. Every board when they sign up for the posts after elections is required to deposit a certain amount and attach guarantees. This is done to ensure that they always take decisions in the best interests of the club and not misuse the powers bestowed on them. If there is a deficit incurred in the finances of the club, it gets covered this way.

Yet they don’t want to be seen selling Messi because no one wants to be remembered as the board which sold one of its greatest players. This is precisely why they are playing it cool now, so that it comes out as though Messi was the one who forced himself out and he ends up being the villain in the whole episode
Man City, on the other hand, who are perceived to be his destination are acting diplomatic to the whole situation because they don’t want to be seen as the villains who convinced Messi to make this decision
From.the above analysis and exposure,one can confidently confirm that questions such as
What is happening at Barcelona?

What is going on between the world’s most decorated and revered player Lionel Messi, and his favourite maiden and buddy club Barcelona?

How did a football relationship built on a perfect and remarkable affair go so sour? Many Barcelona and indeed football fans all over the world would want to know what is going on.

Its true indeed that the Messi’s situation has gotten really messy.

In fact this situation reminds me of the excerpts from the famous commentator and poet Peter Drury in the Champions League elimination match between Barcelona and Roma. He said ” the unthinkable unfolds before our eyes..this was not meant to happen..this was not supposed to happen… This is happening”.

Indeed that is how the situation is panning out right now at the camp Nou.

We are yet to witness probably, one of the greatest and huge transfer rumour and news that will not go away any time soon especially as both parties are holding unto their own opinions.

Messi wants to leave Barcelona. The club wants him to stay. Fans are divided in their opinions but with much anger channeled towards the club’s boards and executives.

The club’s board and president however are also in danger of facing the wrath of the fans if the situation is not properly handled. There are also the monetary and financial implications to all of these as a result of what was inserted as a release clause in Messi’s contract.

It remains an interesting scenario to see how the whole saga unfolds. Is Messi going to stay or eventually have to pathways with his love and childhood club Barcelona? It remains a drama to behold.

The football world is watching. Fans are anxious and expectant as the unthinkable indeed unfolds before our eyes. Fingers crossed.


Gift Joseph Okpakorese

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