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The President Is On Honeymoon – READ What Tinubu Said About Buhari’s Administration


vllkyt9kmnsf7o05q.2eafebabThe national leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has called on Nigerians to give President Muhammadu Buhari time to implement the party’s “change” programme.

According to Tinubu, who was in the presidential villa, Abuja on Tuesday, July 28, for a private meeting with Buhari, the president was still on honeymoon.

He said: “Excuse me! Let us calm now here. How long ago? May 29th was when this president was sworn in. It is an international norm all over the world, there is an honeymoon period, at least minimum of 100 days honeymoon. And you won’t allow honeymoon at all? You said change is not coming. Change is not by magic. It’s driven by the people, the spirit and the character and the planning.”

The APC leader stated that Buhari needed to take stock and determine the true extent of damage before taking any decision.

You see, we have had so much problem in this country in the past because we run into policy blind folded without adequate and effective planning you don’t have results unless you plan well.

“The time it takes you to plan, examine, rejig, re-evaluate is more important than the time you just rush into taking action because you are either being sentimental, being emotional and being driven by other forces that are not expected. It is not fair to jump into those conclusions,” he said.

Tinubu explained that there was a time for everything and a difference between the campaign period, articulating your vision and expressing the promises made to Nigerians.

Even in 100 meters race, there is a time to say on your mark, set, ready, go. So you don’t even want a time to be on your mark, set and go? No no no. You are not being fair,” he added.

Yesterday, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) called on the APC to address certain issues such as the divisive and tendentious statement by President Buhari, who declared to the world that he would run a discriminatory government based on voting pattern in the last general elections.

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