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The Foolish Lady


Captain Panku, the chief pilot was flying his regular route from
Lagos to Accra when a lady in economy class got up and went to occupy a first class seat.

Air hostess: madam, your ticket says economy, so please go back to your seat, coz these seats are first class only.
Lady: Nonsense, i will seat anywhere i like.

The hostess goes and informs the junior pilot, who comes out to talk to her

Junior pilot: ma’am kindly return to the seat on your ticket, as it is unfair to those who paid for first class.
Lady: Who is this one?.. my friend gerrrout from my face.

The junior pilot goes back and informs Captain Panku, who then comes out quietly and whispers in the lady’s ear.
She immediately gets up and walks back to her seat in economy.

The junior pilot shocked by how easy Panku did it asked “ah, what did you tell her?”

Panku: I simply said, those in first class are not going to Accra.

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