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“Take photo, you dey talk plenty story” – RMD dismisses fan who misused opportunity to meet him (VIDEO)



The adored veteran of Nollywood, RMD, ignited fervent debate among Nigerians over whether he displayed kindness or went overboard in a recent encounter with an overly enthusiastic fan.

In a video circulating online, the actor initially stood poised behind a male admirer named Dayo, prepared to flash a friendly smile. However, the situation took an unexpected turn.

Dayo, brimming with excitement and effusively praising RMD while documenting the encounter, suddenly incurred the actor’s wrath. RMD expressed his displeasure, noting that he had been explicitly instructed to pose for a photograph, not a video.

As RMD voiced his discontent, visibly vexed, he gracefully retreated into his awaiting vehicle. Interestingly, the fan remained unperturbed by the unexpected twist, still cherishing the moment he had spent with the actor.


This is coming after veteran actor sparked reactions on social media over over new photos with Singer Mr Eazi online.

At an eventthe men showed up dressed in a complete Scottish fit, including the skirt called a kilt.

In several photos on RMD’s page, he posed with the singer as they showed off their kits, jackets, ties, socks and other accessories that made the outfit dapper.

To the surprise of many, the veteran movie star referred to one of Mr Eazi’s songs with his caption.

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