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Why I can’t pray for success of President Buhari and APC – Sule Lamido

 President Buhari and APC - Sule Lamido
President Buhari and APC – Sule Lamido

Sule Lamido, a former Governor of Jigawa State, and a former presidential aspirant says he cannot pray for the success of the current administration of President Muhammadu Buhari and APC government.

The former Governor said this when he appeared on BBC Hausa, insisting that at 60, the country has recorded a number of successes despite many setbacks.

“You can’t say in the past 60 years of our independence that there is no progress, there is,” he said.

“But, honestly, our leaders are not taking advantage of the natural resources we have in the country to make us progress and live better.”

Lamido maintained that he cannot pray for the success of the Buhari government because he belongs to the opposition and that Nigerians called members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) thieves and voted for the APC.

The former Governor said it is now for Nigerians to weigh the Buhari administration and see the difference between the past and the present.

“I am from an opposition party, no matter how much I love Buhari or his cabinet; I can’t enter the mosque and pray for him.

“People called us [PDP] thieves and voted for the APC. So, it is left for them to judge now.

“If Buhari is doing good, they know and let him lead Nigeria forever, but if he is doing wrong, we are always there to come and take over to do the right things.”

Reacting to this statement by the former governor of jigawa state, many Nigerians
are of the opinion that in as much as it is true that most political aspirants and politicians in general are sweet with word and would always find a way of bedevilling the opposition party directly or indirectly.

It is true that things are pretty difficult now and the recent global pandemic had not helped the course of many country’s economical development Nigerian included however, we all must not fail to acknowledge the fact and truth in the statement of the former governor in the sense that Nigeria as a nation in the opinions of many within and outside the country, should have been further advanced in development and standard of living than what is currently being witnessed right now.

Nigerians decided back then in 2015 according to the former presidential aspirants, the decision of the citizens will be put to test in few years time when they hit the polls for the next Presidential elections.

The hope of all Nigerians will be in the genuine diligence and bravery of the independent electoral commission, INEC to effectively marshal out their duties without fears or favours, secondly, a simple reliance and trust in the democratic system of governance and leadership, and thirdly a genuine test of individual conscience rather than personal or self aggrandizement.

These factors, in the opinion of many learned individuals and school of thoughts will, in all likelihood help to mitigate the craze for, and bias of partisan politics, and create an atmosphere of and make objectivity in ideologies and acceptance and hope no matter which party emerges winner or who ascend the Presidential seat come 2023.


Gift Joseph Okpakorese
Staff Writer


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