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Spiritual Biafra in a restructured Nigeria- by Arinze Egbuna

 Spiritual Biafra
Spiritual Biafra

Spiritual Biafra in a Restructured Nigeria? *

This writer feels very bad for Nigerians. Things are really drifting, and in the wrong direction. There are issues every where, from North to South, and East to West.
However, there should be clear understanding that every Nigerian in one way or the other contributed to the immense problems that exist today.
Nigerians have been accomplices to the crimes of their leaders, or were they not the ones that threw red carpet while they visited abroad with their stolen loots?
Were they not happy to have their political “connections” as they hoped for the slice of the stolen national cake?
Did some of them not swear their children would neither join the military nor the police (in order to live forever?),  while every Fulani man started his primary education at a military or police academy?
Most Nigerians want to go to heaven alive?  Unfortunately, humans must do their part on earth, then “DIE”, before going to heaven.
However, with all the chaos in Nigeria today,  there is still hope for a better future. Sometimes, It has to get bad to get better. This writer’s assumption is that Nigerians have now seen how dangerous a bad leader could be, and how lack of informed political involvement by the citizenry could undermine their own very existence. The times call for a strategic cooperation by every Nigerian, and getting rid of sinuous political characters in their midst, whether Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba or Igbo seems to have become the only option.
While it is understandable that most Nigerians are mad at the daily struggles occasioned by violence, it is still reasonable to state that the majority have so far not shown the serious interests needed to arrest
the situation through unrelenting mass protests that could cripple the government. One month of civil disobedience in which everyone stayed in their home as a protest could bring the government to her kneels. Such a mass action could be difficult but may as well be part of the solution.
The immediate Restructuring, and 100% resource control of the federating regions may be the only way for Nigeria’s survival. There are strong calls for Referendum by some stake holders. However, how do you conduct a Referendum in a country run by crooks and hope for a positive outcome? Would such an exercise not rigged to stupor?
Biafra as the Answer? This writer supports Biafra, but a spiritual Biafra land. A spiritual Biafra land is an Igbo mindset in which there is a rethink to only invest in the homeland. The Igbos should as a matter of strategic interests, start developing their homeland. They have the capability of transforming their homeland into something better than Dubai, and also have the capability of making the East so self-reliant that they wouldn’t need a physical barrier to convince anyone that it is a Biafra land. A Biafra land with physical barriers would limit ndigbo greatly and rob them of their investments all over Nigeria.
Fighting for a physical Biafra land may not be as advantageous as some may think. For sure, it would cause more deaths than necessary and would deprive ndigbo more opportunities than planned. A lot of Ndigbo are not particularly gifted with taking risks on behalf of others. Some seem to be more driven by  selfish interests than communal wellbeing. People are used and dumped at will without clear objectives but selfish interests. People trusted today, could be fatal enemies the next minute. Snakes seem to be everywhere and more deadly than ever. The ones that stuck out their necks died unceremoniously. Ikonso was killed few days ago, and how many IPOB supporters sent flowers on the social network? Maybe just a handful? Because people are scared of being linked to him and become targets? And get killed? The one million dollar question then arises, if people are that scared, why propose a fight they are not actually willing to die in?
One thing everyone may agree on is that Mazi Kanu has exposed the Fulanis agenda before it could be fully implemented, which has shaken Nigeria to its roots. To that, the young man deserves everyone’s salute. However, spiritual Biafra, not a physical one is the answer.
This writer supports IPOB, Ekwenche, MASSOB etc. as pressure groups that expose the ills of Nigerian society to the benefit of ndigbo. Hopefully, sooner than later, the pressure would lead to Restructuring or something better for ndigbo.
A balance has to be struck here with the clear understanding that most ndigbo were born outside the Igbo land. All there investments were made in other parts of Nigeria. Therefore, Restructuring would most likely afford them the opportunity of gradual relocation, and without total loss.
Spiritual Biafra in a restructured Nigeria would be a huge blessing to ndigbo, a case of killing two birds with one stone?”
Arinze Egbuna
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