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Speed Darlington Pledges to Sue Company After Bleach Damaged His Shirt



Singer Speed Darlington has uploaded a video expressing his dismay after a popular bleach reportedly destroyed his prized white shirt.

He claimed to have worn the shirt on several dates while looking for a spouse.

While displaying the damaged garment, which seems to be torn and stained, he voiced his disappointment at the unexpected result.

After watching the video, he threatened to sue the bleach manufacturer because he has been using the shirt for dating purposes and is plainly concerned about the damage.

Watch the video below:

In other news, David Hundeyin, a Nigerian investigative journalist and activist, gained waves after speaking about social critic Vincent Martins Otse, also known as VeryDarkMan.

Hundeyin was a guest on a show when the interviewer compared him to VDM, Seun Kuti, Reno Omokri, and other Nigerians who are active on the internet.

The journalist’s reaction to the comparison led to him being asked to share his thoughts on VeryDarkMan.

Hundeyin stated unequivocally that he saw VDM as an opportunist.

According to him, the internet critic began as a social activist and formed his opinion about the dark man after a terror event in Plateau state, muddying the narrative.

Hundeyin concluded that either VDM was an extreme clout chaser who enjoyed the sound of his own voice, or he was being funded by someone to alter narratives.

Hundeyin said:

“What is your goal? What are you hoping to accomplish by doing that? Especially when you are not in any way informed on the subject. You’re just some guy who put on his phone camera one day and started uploading videos on social media.”

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