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Some Questions Frequently Asked By Nigerians, On Google.


> How to make money online

> How to scam online

> When is 2face going to impregnate another woman

> Did INDIA truly beat Nigeria 100-1?, Who was our Keeper?

> How to make BillGates marry my sister?

> When will Arsene Wenger be leaving Arsenal?

> How to prevent AIDS/ STDs without using condom?

> How to make money without working

> How to kidnap Blue Ivy and ask for ransom

> When would fuel subsidy return?

> How to get Bigger bosoms and Bottom.

> Free WAEC/JAMB answers for this year

> Tutorial on how to hack Facebook accounts

> How To Pass An Exam Without Reading

> Free Blackberry cheat for freePinging, Browsing and Downloading

> When WIll Arsenal win a Trophy?

> When will I have light today in my area?

> How to get adopted by BillGates

> How to find a Naija babe that doesn’t like money.

> How to tap generator light from my neighbour

> How to abort pregnancy

> How to download fuel

> American Women looking for boyfriends

> Where can I find 2nd hand Blackberry Porsche?

> How to Fly to America Without a Visa

> Any side effects from postinor?




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