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Shocking as Omoyele Sowore appears in court with support from Mysterious ‘Babalawo’

Omoyele Sowore to court in Abuja (photos)
Omoyele Sowore

Eyewitnesses and news sources, gave an account of a shocking scenario that transpired on Tuesday 2 of march 2021 as a prominent Nigerian politician was seen in solidarity in a court of law with a ‘Babalawo’ commonly referred to as native doctor in the local parlance.

Indeed for the benefit of those who happen to be confused at the meaning and mention of the title Babalawo, they are simply used in reference as a title to anyone who is a spiritualist and it also denotes a priest of the Ifá oracle.

Furthermore, Babalawos’ are generally and understandably perceived to have the power to detect evil and its origin, the penchant for deciphering events from the past and also the ability to predict the future of their clients in most cases and one of their major source of power strength and authority is from their ability to relate and communicate with supernatural beings.

It is obviously not a common phenomenon to see people in this category or profession around the court premises and in other social and professional place as well since most of the time those who patronises them always go to seek them in their shrines or places of ministration.

With that said, news reporters recently released a shocking and infect surprising story of an unexpected scenario which happened on Tuesday the 2 of march 2021 , when an unidentified man fully dressed in the regalia of a traditional priest i.e. ‘babalawo’ stormed the premises of a magistrate court sitting in Wuse Zone 2, Abuja.

There was obvious surprise and unease amongst court attendees who witnessed the event and wondered why the learned politician came in the company of such an unexpected guest who donned the full outfit of a ‘babalawo’

According to eyes witnesses and in corroboration with media correspondence, the native doctor was spotted wearing a knee-length robe with red and black stripes — and a cap to match. The robe, embellished with white cowries, had snail shells and little calabashes hanging on like light bulbs on a Christmas tree. The ‘babalawo’ also had the head of a cat hanging down his neck.

Recalled that Omoyele Sowore, is renowned all over the country for his political activism and critic of the federal government. He was once a candidate who contested for the position of the presidency in one of the past general elections of the nation.

Omoyele Sowore who now happen to be the leader of the #RevolutionNow described the man as a Nigerian who came to show his support for him.

Earlier, Omoyele Sowore and four others were arraigned on a three-count charge bordering on conspiracy, unlawful assembly, and incitement.

Omoyele Sowore never stops coming up with new controversial episodes especially as it relates to the political sphere of the nation and its economic indeed this episode will be talked about for quite a period of time as many are already referring to him as “Sowore-loving ‘babalawo’.

Gift Joseph Okpakorese

Staff Writer

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