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“She was with him yesterday”- Bride Weeps as Her Ex Storms Wedding, Scatters the Event in Viral Video



In a viral social media video, a stunning bride can be seen sobbing uncontrollably.

People gathered around her, attempting to console her, but she appeared inconsolable as she wept profusely.

The wedding was thrown into disarray when a man who claimed to be the bride’s baby daddy stormed the venue unannounced.

The bride’s baby daddy appeared to be upset that the wedding was taking place, and he was said to have arrived to disrupt proceedings.

According to the video’s caption, the bride was with the baby daddy the day before the wedding.

The Facebook page that posted the video, I Love Couple Decale, did not mention where the incident happened.

It was captioned: “The father of her child arrived to ruin the wedding because she was with him the day before.”

It is yet to be confirmed if the scene was a planned skit, but the video went viral and gained over 400k views.

Netizens react to wedding video

Abdoul Aziz Savadogo said: “The lie can last a thousand years but the truth catches up with it in 1 day! Be sincere and honest in your relationships.”

Williams Emeric’k Diomandé said: “May God give us wisdom and good discernment to make the right choice.”

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