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“She used the man as a retirement plan after exploring” – Influencer Shola drags BBN star Queen over engagement



Big Brother Naija star Queen Mercy Atang has come under fire from influencer Shola for announcing her engagement.

Remember that Queen recently shared a picture of herself showing off her engagement ring and holding her fiancé’s hand to inform the public that she was engaged to someone else.

In response, Shola centered on Queen’s previous transgressions, charging that she had used her fiancé as a “retirement plan” after seeing other men and having a child out of wedlock.

He emphasized that although Queen had been seeing her current fiancé since 2016, she had later decided to explore other relationships.

Shola proposed that Queen’s actions were a reflection of a widespread tendency among women, where they to ignore nice, devoted men in favour of having affairs with men who do not plan to marry them.

The speaker characterised the practice as “female self-destructive,” suggesting that it ultimately results in unfavourable consequences for women.

In addition, Shola maintained that “nice guys always finish last.”

He said:

“So I just saw the news about BBN’s Queen getting engaged to a man she’s been with since 2016, but in between she had a baby with Lord Lamba. This is how a lot of women move, it’s a female self-destructive behavior.

There would be a nice guy in the corner, but you wouldn’t take him seriously or you even reject him, then you go to the streets, and explore with men who don’t care about you, men who have no plans of keeping you, become a single mom or a baby mama, then go back to the nice guy who has always wanted you, use him as your retirement plan, and you still win since it’s the innocent nice guy that will have to live with all the mess you did put yourself through.

Nice guys always finish last”.



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