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Senator Osita Izunaso Demands Position of Senate President as Reward from APC for his Sacrifices

Osita Izunaso
Osita Izunaso

By Uche Amunike

Lawmaker representing Imo West constituency in Imo state, Senator Osita Izunaso, has declared that it is his turn to become Senate President, considering his numerous sacrifices and contributions towards the formation of his party,  the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Speaking, through a statement released by his media office, Sunday, Izunaso explained that it was time for the APC to reward him for his efforts because he had paid his dues in the party, stating that compensating him with the position Senate President was the right thing to do, especially as he was qualified for the position

The press statement read: ‘I am a founding member of the APC; we travelled to Lagos every weekend for good six months during the formation stages to coin the name and get it right. We designed the logo, bringing together components of other parties making up the proposed APC then before going for registration in the Corporate Affairs Commission. Governor (Babatunde) Fashola is alive today, he knows all I am saying because he was part of the whole thing from day one.’

‘We conducted 36 governorship primaries, there was not a single litigation. Why? Because we did the right thing. You will agree with me that, that is what it means to show capacity. You know we battled a sitting President, therefore, we needed to do everything right to wrest power from them; so, if I could hold the party at that level from its formation stage when we didn’t even know we were going to win, why won’t I be able to lead the Red Chambers effectively as Senate President?’ he asked.

He reiterated that it was payback time for him for all the sacrifices he made in APC by giving his time, energy, scarce resources and services for the party. He described himself as somebody who served selflessly, through thunder and brimstone during the turbulent times when there was no hope for the party. He added that he had contested the election and has been luckily returned to the Senate and so, was therefore well qualified to seek the position of the Senate President, having paid his dues in the party as he had made sacrifices which were enough to earn him adequate compensation from the party.

His words: ‘So, for me, I can actually say it should be a payback time for me, having sacrificed my time, energy, scarce resources and services for the APC. I think it is only fair and just for the party to think it wise to compensate me, I think the time is now.’

He maintained: ‘Having served selflessly without blemish through rain and shine, during turbulent times when there was no ray of hope for the party, I think I deserve to be compensated; and having contested election and fortunately returned to the Senate, I think I am well-qualified to vie for the position of the Senate President. And why won’t I seek it, and why wouldn’t APC in their wisdom consider and compensate me? I’ve paid my dues in the party, and I have sacrificed a lot enough to earn me adequate compensation from the APC; if I am not qualified, that should have been a different ball game.’




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