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See the Full List of ‘America’s Got Talent: The Champions’ 2019 Finalists


Week after week, America’s Got Talent: The Champions has dazzled us with thrilling, moving, and overall inspiring acts from all over the world. And next Monday, during the show’s finale, one act will be crowned the ultimate AGT: The Champions winner.

Vying for the top spot will be 12 finalists, including the golden buzzer picks (like Susan Boyle and Angelica Hale), two wildcards (Darci Lynne Farmer and Jon Dorenbos), and contestants who won the “superfan” vote. Take a look back at the performances that earned them a spot in the finale:

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Kechi Okwuchi (singer)

“I’m gonna be honest with you,” Simon told Kechi after she beautifully sang “You Are the Reason.” “I didn’t really like it that much.” Turns out he was totally kidding around. Moments later, the former American Idol judge awarded her the golden buzzer. The honor was especially touching for the 2017 AGT finalist, who survived a plane crash in 2005 and had more than 100 surgeries to treat her burns and other injuries.

Susan Boyle (singer)

Susan’s rendition of “Wild Horses” was so incredible, Mel B decided to use the spinoff’s first golden buzzer on the Britain’s Got Talent runner up. “I want to be the woman that gives you something that you deserve,” Mel B shouted before pressing the buzzer. Susan was as happy as ever as she received a heartfelt hug from the former Spice Girl and Simon Cowell.

Shin Lim (magician)

The latest America’s Got Talent title holder just keeps on winning. Just months after being declared the season 13 champion, the magician ended up earning the most superfan votes in the fifth episode. After seeing his insane tricks with Terry Crews, you’ll understand why he’s a finalist.

Darci Lynne Farmer (ventriloquist)

She may have been eliminated in the first round, but Darci is back after being selected to compete as a wildcard in the finale. When the talented 14-year-old wasn’t given the golden buzzer or selected to advance, viewers absolutely flipped out (which just goes to show how much her fans adore her).

Preacher Lawson (comedian)

The comedian went head-to-head with Vicki Barbolak in the first episode and ended up snagging one of the finalist spots with his hilarious routine. “You were great before, tonight you were fantastic,” Simon told Preacher after his performance. Although Preacher came in second to Darci in 2017, he’ll now have another shot at first place.

Brian Justin Crum (singer)

Just seconds into Brian singing “Your Song,” the judges were hooked. Though he wasn’t given the golden buzzer, the AGT season 11 finalist was voted to go to the finale by superfans. Simon, Howie, Heidi, and Mel B had nothing but stellar reviews for him (which were echoed by viewers at home)

Cristina Ramos (opera singer)

The Spain’s Got Talent 2016 winner totally took the U.S. audience by surprise with her powerful operatic version of “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Howie called her voice “very original and very different” and said that the 50 states were definitely “talking about her right now.” Turns out, he was right — Cristina wound up getting the most superfan votes of the night.

Angelica Hale (singer)

She may only be 11 years old, but Angelica is definitely a competitor. The singer stunned the audience after belting out “Fight Song” in the third episode of the show. Howie loved it so much, he awarded Angelica the golden buzzer. “I never expected this to happen, I want to thank you so much!” she gushed to Howie. In response, Howie told her that she “deserved it.”

Deadly Games (knife throwers)

Even though Deadly Games terrified everyone else, Heidi was nothing but enchanted by the risk-taking duo. And when we say risk, we mean shooting arrows and chucking knives across the stage. “You are really pushing yourself to the limit … I almost had a panic attack over here,” the Project Runway star shouted before slamming her hand on the golden buzzer.

Kseniya Simonova (sand artist)

Even though most of the judges opted to give their golden buzzer press to a singer, Terry decided to break with tradition and awarded it to the mesmerizing sand artist and winner of Ukraine’s Got Talent in 2009. “In my mind tonight, right here, right now, you are the champion,” Howie declared after her performance.

Paul Potts (opera singer)

Britain’s Got Talent’s first-ever winner showed off his impressive range while belting out “Caruso” in the first round of competition. In addition to receiving endless praise from the judges, Paul secured his place in the finale by winning over the superfans.

Jon Dorenbos (magician)

He may not have gotten a golden buzzer or the superfans vote, but that doesn’t make him any less of a threat as a finale wildcard. The 2016 AGT finalist shocked all the judges after playing a magical game of tic-tac-toe.

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