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RIP Dan Foster: The ‘Big Dawg’ goes home


Born Daniel Foster in Washington D.C, United States, he was raised by his father alongside three other siblings after losing their mother at the age of 10.The 'Big Dawg' goes home. [NET]

The idea sometimes intersects the divide between colorful persona and masculine humour. Other times, it’s a combination of charming bravado and media nous. But on most days, the man known as Dan Foster was a masterful on-air personality who couldn’t be silenced even after ‘ikebe’ was taken from his mouth.

So he remained till his death on June 17, 2020.

On how his career began, he told Ndani TV in 2014 that, “Telling stories is what I’ve always wanted to do. I could read well from the very beginning and I attribute that to not watching TV. If you’re at home, kill your television!

“There was a lot of competition in America. I came to Nigerian because I needed more experience in morning radio…”

According to him, he always had “morning radio energy,” but America radio only afforded him 7 pm – 12 am slots.

“Kill your television!”

Born Daniel Foster in Washington D.C, United States, he was raised by his father alongside three other siblings after losing their mother at the age of 10. In his youth, he studied Broadcasting and Drama at Morgan State University. Baltimore, Maryland – close to his origin.

An ex-marine, he was employed by Cathy Hughes Radio One, Mix 106.5 in America, and WTBN in the American Virgin Island. In the 2000s, just as the modern Nigerian radio was fusing with the early stages of Nigerian contemporary pop, Dan Foster moved to Nigeria and joined Cool FM in 2000.

He got the job in Nigeria through a website that allowed radio personalities to showcase their best work. One of the clips got to Chris Obosi and he sent a letter to Dan Foster. The rest as they say is history.

Almost immediately, people took to his voice, gimmicks, accent and quick assimilation of the Nigerian space and he shot into the limelight. With knowledge of anything related to lifestyle, entertainment and popular culture, he was revered for his ability to thrill while also informing his array of dedicated listeners.

Around the same time, Lagos had about three or four radio stations and Foster studied each other those stations to get their ‘morning energy’ and find a formula to best all of them. While Nigeria had successful radio personalities before Dan Foster, he can be revered as one of the modern mavens of morning radio in Nigeria.

“We’re Inspiration FM, your official family radio…”

In September 2009, Foster left Cool FM for Inspiration FM because of the value it offered and the family aspect that Inspiration FM oozed. From there, he moved to City FM in 2016 and then to Classic FM where he worked till his death.

It was during his time at Inspiration FM that controversy hit Foster the most. According to a report on Encomium Weekly, he was forced to resign form Inspiration FM after internal issues with management.

Acting and Show Judge

In 2007, he became a judge on Idols West Africa alongside Dede Mabiaku and Abrewa Nana. In 2012, he became a judge on Nigeria’s Got Talent alongside Kate Henshaw and Yibo Koko. In a viral clip, he infamously fell off his seat after a hilarious audition by a Nigerian comedian.

In between the drama, he had a highly publicized relationship with media mogul, Linda Ikeji.


In 2001, he was named Best Radio Presenter by the Nigeria Merit Award. In 2003, 2004, and 2005, he was named the Best Radio Personality at the Nigerian Media Merit Award.

He is survived by his wife, Lovina and four children.

Source PulseNG

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