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Respect And Fear


This man that live close to my house. Every time he beats his wife, so his wife now becomes afraid of him instead of loving and respecting him as a husband. So oneday the husband becomes sick and he went to the hospital to meet with a doctor.

Then the doctor asked him to go home and come back towmorrow with his early morning urine.

So he went home he woke up by 5 am and urinetead in a bottle then he placed the bottle by he house, When his wife got up to sweep around the house that morning her broom touched the bottle and it fell on the ground so she picked up the bottle and shouted ” I don die oh ” so she peed inside the bottle and left it were he kept it.

He took it to the hospital and the doctor said if this is your urine you are two months Pregnant . The man fell and died.

so dont hit your wife.

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