Home Community News Reporting from the Life & Times Festival Sept. 22,2018

Reporting from the Life & Times Festival Sept. 22,2018


The Life and Times 8th Annual Festival took place on Saturday, September 22, 2018.

In a speech at the occasion- Chike Nweke, Publisher/CEO of Life and Times said-
“The annual festival is a time to honor trailblazers and achievers amongst us and celebrate the best talents in our community.
In the past eight years, we have used the Life and Times Festival to recognize community leaders, accomplished professionals,
outstanding entrepreneurs, talented artists, role models, and youth leaders- people who have been unsung in the mainstream media, but who we have recognized and celebrated in our quest to rewrite our stories and dispel the negative stereotypes that have been associated with us.
Continuing he said “We also celebrate Dr. Olusola Oyemade who became a doctor 51 years ago and built a successful pediatric practice in the last 31 years in Rancho Cucamonga California caring for children who in turn have grown into adults and now bring their own children to the clinic. Dr. Oyemade has also
become a go-to leader in our community mentoring younger ones and championing community causes with his resources and abundant wisdom.
We celebrate Ms. Constance Moonzwe another Amazon who overcame the grief of losing her husband in 2014 leaving her with a seven-month-old baby.
Constance Rose from that grief to start a brand new company called ITH Staffing- providing staffing solutions to IT and health corporations across the country.
Within the first 12 months, her company had generated over $3 million in revenue. Today, her company based in Rancho Cucamonga, California has grown even more and is a premier healthcare and information technology staffing company serving organizations across the country with annual revenues in excess of $10 Million Dollars.
We celebrate Dr. Nkechi Ikejiofor- a brilliant young woman and mother who despite the challenges of being a wife and mother of 4 children has continued to push her professional excellence. Within a space of twelve months, Nkechi had the rare feat of obtaining a Doctorate degree in Nursing and a law degree with hopes and dreams of becoming a medical malpractice attorney.
We celebrate Pastor Bulus Gago, a young man who has a clear view of the future, a youth pastor and mentor, an inspirational speaker who has redirected thousands of lost youth to a more purposeful life. Bulus who is a Doctoral Student at Claremont University is also the founder of the “We will Rise” Foundation dedicated to acting as a catalyst for positive change back home in Nigeria.
We celebrate Queen Uche Umeagukwu, the current Miss Africa World who is using her platform and her voice to give hope and save others from despair and struggle. Her mission is to always use her platform to empower women, youths, and kids through service and charitable giving. She is the founder of Queen Uche Foundation, a platform that helps scout out people to donate their hair used to make free hair pieces/wigs to women and kids going to chemotherapy or who share a common goal as far as hair loss
He concluded by saying-‘Thanks a million for your show of love and support by coming out in full force last night for the Life & Times 8th Annual Festival.
In spite a few human flaws, it was our best outing ever- Thanks to you! We will continue our work of telling our stories, from our own perspective and dispelling the false negative stereotypes that have been associated with us.
We will continue with our work of keeping the community connected and informed..
Stay tuned for the 9th Annual Festival, September 14, 2019- Details coming shortly…
Thanks a million once again!

Please see link below to the full online album of the event-



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