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Queen Elizabeth II is impressed by Meghan Markle


The Duchess of Sussex has been a target for the negativity in the media, and everyone seems to think that she is the bad guy. Family drama and press speculations aren’t doing her any favor, but in the royal family, she is very much admired.

Queen Elizabeth II is impressed with her work ethic

Anything is possible if you work hard. Meghan is her third trimester, and she is attending royal engagements with the spirit of a teenager. She and Prince Harry visited Morocco recently (Princess Diana and Kate Middleton never flew while pregnant) and the Queen was so impressed that she is thinking of writing a “thank you” letter to Meghan.

Royal life

Meghan learned how to deal with all the paparazzi craziness when she was a Hollywood actress. So her transitioning into the royal family and the constant media watch was a piece of cake for her. The only problem she has at a moment is the Markle family drama that just won’t stop.

Queen’s gift

There have been some rumors that the Queen might bestow a Letters Patent to Prince Harry and Meghan (that bestows the royal title of Prince or Princess automatically when the child is born.) Some might think it is not appropriate, but it just shows how much of a good relationship Meghan and the Queen have, despite all the negative media reports.


Nobody is perfect, and most likely the Duchess of Sussex isn’t either. But that doesn’t give the right to media to report such things on her. Being royal is hard, and even though it might seem to us that they have everything they desire from the day they were born, they still have to work pretty hard to maintain their public figure and to earn everything they have.

Source: The Frisky

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  1. And people are just going about saying negative things about her, especially from her half sister. Such bitterness and envy!


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