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“Put Some Respect On Burna Boy’s Name He Earned It”, Uti Tells Nigerians


Nollywood actor, TV presenter and 2010 Big Brother Africa winner, Uti Nwachukwu has supported Grammy nominated singer, Burna Boy’s claims of being the best after Afrobeats legend, Fela Kuti.

The reality star and actor has urged Nigerians to respect the singer for his good deeds for Afrobeat over the years.

According to Uti, the African Giant a.k.a Burna Boy should be given accolades for putting Afrobeats on an international level. Uti added that Burna should be allowed to blow his trumpet because Nigeria has very little to brag about as a country.

The actor and reality star explained that Burna is not proud and is merely trying to uplift himself and speaking as the way things are. He wrote:

We should actually thank @burnaboy for putting RESPECT on our name internationally!! Especially at times like these where we have very little to brag about as a country! Entertainment has been our saving grace in recent times! PUT SOME RESPECT ON HIS NAME!! HE FREAKING EARNED IT!

No he shouldn’t! This world is a wicked place. If you dont Celebrate yourself , people would tie you down and keep you in a box where they feel comfortable with their own failure to launch !! LET HIM LOUD IT MORE AND MORE !!! who no like am make e Jump inside pit latrine lol

Why do we have a problem with peeps blowing their own trumpet?? Why do we call it pride?? If u are used to putting yourself down and not speaking as things are/should be, then stay down!! But DO NOT FOR ANY REASON FORCE ANYONE TO THINK AND ACT AS SMALL AS YOU! Respect @burnaboy !

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